Are Kate Morton’s books a series?

What type of books does Kate Morton write?

Kate Morton
GenresGeneral fiction
Years active2006–present
SpouseDavin Patterson

Which Kate Morton book is the best?

Was the House at Riverton made into a movie?

A film is being made about a famous incident at Riverton when well-known poet Robbie Hunter shot himself. Contacted by the director, Ursula, as the only surviving person from that night, Grace decides to make a tape for her grandson, Marcus, sharing her secret with him.

What is the House at Riverton about?

The House at Riverton is a gorgeous debut novel set in England between the wars. It is the story of an aristocratic family, a house, a mysterious death and a way of life that vanished forever, told in flashback by a woman who witnessed it all and kept a secret for decades.

What happens in the House at Riverton?

THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON | THE SHIFTING FOG – Winter 1999: Grace Bradley, 98, onetime housemaid of Riverton Manor, is visited by a young director making a film about the poet’s suicide. Ghosts awaken and memories, long consigned to the dark reaches of Grace’s mind, begin to sneak back through the cracks.

Who is Ruth’s father in the house at Riverton?

Hall Ruth’s father is the man Grace married eventually, the one she met at a dance, who she never really loved and who died at some point. Would have to look back on Kindle to find his name but she talks about being married for a while to someone who she met after leaving Riverton,. It IS mentioned in the book.

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