Are Sally Hepworth books a series?

What is Sally Hepworths best book?

Is Sally Hepworth Australian?

At 6am on a crisp Melbourne morning in 2019, Australian author Sally Hepworth, still in her pyjamas, sat in her parked car in the garage to take a call from Amy Poehler.

Is Fern in the good sister autistic?

The novel follows two fraternal twins in their late 20s—Fern and Rose. Fern is on at the autistic spectrum and has sensory issues and Rose is her protector in many ways. We know that Fern did something very bad when they were children and Fern believes that without Rose, she could do something like that again.

How does the good sister movie end?

Rose lied about their mother being cruel, caused her brain damage and killed her. (When they were kids, Rose also murdered a boy who liked Fern and made Fern think it was her fault.) By the end, Fern is happily raising the baby with Wally.

Where was the good sister filmed?

THE GOOD SISTER, which is being shot in Montreal, will also star Ben Bass (Rookie Blue, The Eleventh Hour). Philippe Gagnon, a well-known and successful Montreal filmmaker (Willed to Kill, Do No Harm), is directing the film.

Who is Sally Hepworth’s agent?

Sally Hepworth — Rob Weisbach Creative Management.

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