Are the Star Wars Aftermath books canon?

Aftermath is a canon novel by Chuck Wendig and published by Del Rey, that is set between Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. The novel is the first in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy, and is part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens publishing project.

Are any of the Star Wars books canon?

As of April 25, 2014, the only previously published materials that are considered canon are the six Star Wars films, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and film, novels (where they align with what is seen on screen), and Part I of the short story Blade Squadron.

Is the sequel trilogy no longer canon?

The Star Wars timeline is already fractured, with the vast majority of past works, formerly the Extended Universe, now written off as non-canon Legends. By making the sequels non-canon, Lucasfilm would technically be on its third attempt of writing the post-Original-Series timeline, which seems excessive.

Which Star Wars books are not canon?

  1. 1 The Thrawn Trilogy.
  2. 2 Shadows of the Empire.
  3. 3 Knights of the Old Republic.
  4. 4 The Bounty Hunter Wars.
  5. 5 The New Jedi Order.
  6. 6 Darth Plagueis.
  7. 7 Rogue Squadron.
  8. 8 The Darth Bane Trilogy.

What isn’t canon in Star Wars?

Among the media removed from the canon in 2014 were 2003-2005 Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries (an entity separate from The Clone Wars animated series that began airing in 2008, which remains part of the established canon), made-for-television films like 1985’s Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and the now notorious Star

Is starkiller canon in Star Wars?

Starkiller, born Galen Marek and also known as The Apprentice, is the fictional protagonist of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games and literature, part of the now non-canonical Star Wars Legends expanded universe.

Is the 2003 Clone Wars canon?

Even outside The Clone Wars, the event had yet to be depicted in canon. There’s nothing in Clone Wars’ depiction that contradicts canon and any later iteration would be hard-pressed to outdo it.

Is Caravan of Courage canon?

Continuity. The film was classified as C-canon in the Holocron continuity database, and was officially set in 3 ABY.

Is Force Unleashed canon?

Is The Force Unleashed canon? The simple answer is no, but it’s a little more complicated than that. When the game originally came out, Disney didn’t yet own the rights to the Star Wars franchise. So, while the title wasn’t a part of the main canon, it was in the Expanded Universe.

Is Star Wars aftermath life debt canon?

Followed by. Aftermath: Life Debt is a canon novel written by Chuck Wendig. It is the second book in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy, which started with Aftermath, and was released on July 12, 2016. The title was given a paperback release on March 28, 2017.

Is the aftermath trilogy worth reading?

Hell yes. They are my favorite books of all time. The writing, the characters, the plot, are all absolutely phenomenal. Definitely give them a read, it will be well worth your time.

What was the fate of Jar Jar Binks?

Jar Jar Binks was a Gungan exile who encountered the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Invasion of Naboo. Boss Nass banished Jar Jar Binks from his home of Otoh Gunga, an underwater city that lay beneath the Mid Rim planet of Naboo’s Lake Paonga, for crashing his personal heyblibber submarine.

What battle happened on Jakku?

The Battle of Jakku was the decisive last stand of the Galactic Empire against the New Republic on the surface and above Jakku as the Galactic Civil War draw to a final conclusion after a year of prolong fighting following the Battle of Endor.

Who is the admiral at the end of aftermath?

Star Wars: Aftermath ends with a big mystery. Its epilogue sees Admiral Rae Sloane standing on the bridge of Ravager, allegedly the Empire’s last Super Star Destroyer, while she discusses the future with an unnamed fleet admiral. They discuss the defeat, weaknesses, and flaws within the Galactic Empire.

What happened Chuck Wendig?

Sci-fi writer and noted Twitter user Chuck Wendig found this out the hard way recently, when he was fired from his prominent gig as a writer for Marvel’s Star Wars comic Shadow of Vader and a forthcoming Star Wars book. Wendig was ostensibly fired because of the controversy his tweets were generating.

What books was Cobb Vanth in?

The first appearance of Cobb Vanth in “Star Wars” canon was the novel “Star Wars: Aftermath,” and its subsequent sequels “Aftermath Life Debt” and “Aftermath Empire’s End.” All three novels were written by Chuck Wendig, who was given leeway to add to the “Star Wars” universe canon.

What is Operation cinder Star Wars?

Operation: Cinder was, to put it bluntly, part of Emperor Palpatine’s evil contingency plan. In the event of the Emperor’s death, a series of red-robed messenger droids were to go out to designated members of the Empire and deliver his final orders.

What is a life debt?

A life debt is a cultural phenomenon in which someone whose life is saved or spared by another becomes indebted or in some way connected to their savior.

What book comes after Star Wars aftermath?

The trilogy began in 2015 with Aftermath, which was followed by the sequels Aftermath: Life Debt (2016) and Aftermath: Empire’s End (2017). Aftermath is one of the projects in “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, a 2015 Star Wars publishing initiative to connect The Force Awakens with previous film installments.

Is ahsoka book canon?

It’s canon, but it’s told from a certain point of view. Yes, it is. One of the very few canon books worth reading.

Is thrawn ascendancy canon?

Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising is a canon novel written by Timothy Zahn, and it is the first volume of Star Wars: The Ascendancy Trilogy. It was first published in hardcover by Del Rey on September 1, 2020, along with its audiobook adaptation.

Is from a certain point of view Star Wars canon?

Although From a Certain Point of View forms part of the Star Wars canon, it presents several contradictions. As such, Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin confirmed that the contradictions present in the stories were intentional, as that was part of the project’s nature.

Is Star Wars Brotherhood canon?

She was introduced in the first Clone Wars animated show (2003), but since it isn’t considered canon anymore, Star Wars Brotherhood is now the first time she officially appears in the story.


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