Can you sell erotic novels on Amazon?

Publishing erotic fiction on Amazon is not a way to get rich quick, but it is a way to make some money if you are willing to put in some work. Plus, writing erotic fiction allows you to build up a catalog of work, which can provide some passive income with time.

Can I self publish erotica on Amazon?

Registered. Yes, there are tons of authors still publishing erotica. Just check the Amazon charts and you will see tons of it. I publish erotica off and on.

Does erotica still sell on Amazon?

There are well over 300,000 Kindle erotica ebooks or more listed on Amazon alone, and the number is growing every day. But for an author who publishes erotic novels or short stories, the opportunities for book promotion are quite limited.

Can you make money writing erotic books?

You may find that you get tired of explaining the legitimacy of your writing to family and friends, but keep pushing. Some erotica writers report making anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 per month, and that’s without a major publishing contract.

How much do romance authors make?

A 2018 Authors Guild survey found that self-published authors across all genres were the only group to see an increase in income from 2013 to 2017. Looking specifically at self-published romance authors, their median income in 2017 was $10,050, which is almost five times higher than the next highest genre.

How can I make money writing romance novels?

You can make money writing romance by writing and releasing multiple novels per year, often nowadays via self-publishing, to build a reader base who will keep coming back for more. Writing a series featuring the same main character is extremely popular and is often the primary income source.

Can you make money writing short stories?

For a long time, short stories were actually a fiction writer’s best way to break into paying work, and they can still form a strong part of your author career. Selling short fiction into paying markets nets you exposure, new readers, and, oh yeah, some cash!

How do you market erotic books?

  1. Have a great blog.
  2. Blog often and learn a little SEO.
  3. Register your blog with Google.
  4. Use your blog to post on Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Add better-targeted keywords to your ebooks on KDP.
  6. Use an Amazon widget.
  7. Search is your friend.
  8. Steal Twitter followers.

Where can I advertise my romance novels?

Red Hot & Romantic is a book promotion service that specializes in advertising romance books in a wide range of genres. With over 27k mailing list subscribers and an average of 6000 monthly website visits, Red Hot Romantic is a great way to get the word out about your steamy romance novel.


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