Did Eliza burn all Hamilton letters?

Although Eliza destroyed nearly all of their letters before she died (perhaps the inspiration for the “I’m erasing myself from the narrative,” line she says in the play), some letters do survive.

Did Eliza Hamilton burn his letters?

By now everyone knows that Eliza Hamilton, the wife of Alexander Hamilton, burned her husband’s love letters before she died—and November 9th will be the 162nd anniversary of her death on that day in 1854 at the age of 97.

Where are the letters of Eliza Hamilton?

In the weeks after Alexander Hamilton’s death, his widow Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton wrote letters to friends. Three of her own letters, as well as some others written about her and her husband, still survive in the Society Library’s Manuscripts Collections today.

What was Aaron Burr’s last words?

On that subject I am coy. Last words; Burr was an atheist. His last words were a response to the efforts of his friend, Reverend P.J. Van Pelt, to get Burr to state that there was a God. Reported in Holmes Moss Alexander, Aaron Burr: The Proud Pretender‎ (1937), p.

How did Eliza feel about Hamilton’s death?

Immediately following her husband’s death, Eliza was so distraught that friends and family feared for her sanity. She did not attend the funeral, and soon retreated with her daughters and younger sons to her father’s house in Albany.

Did Burr go to Hamilton’s funeral?

Aaron Burr shocked a country, and left his family and friends reeling. Overwhelmed with grief, his new widow Elizabeth did not attend the funeral. She struggled to face life without the man she’d loved and supported, and told others that she longed to die as well.

Why did Elizabeth Hamilton burn her letters?

In response to the question “Who tells your story?” Eliza responds by burning the letters and claiming that she doesn’t want to tell her story.



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