Did Stephen King appear in Dolores Claiborne?

First edition cover
AuthorStephen King
GenrePsychological thriller
Publication dateNovember 1992

What movies did Stephen King not like?

  1. 1 Didn’t Like: The Shining (1980)
  2. 2 Liked: Stand By Me (1986)
  3. 3 Didn’t Like: Maximum Overdrive (1986)
  4. 4 Liked: Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  5. 5 Didn’t Like: The Dark Tower (2017)
  6. 6 Liked: Cujo (1983)
  7. 7 Didn’t Like: Graveyard Shift (1990)
  8. 8 Liked: The Dead Zone (1983)

What did Stephen King think of The Shawshank Redemption?

Expanding on both Shawshank and Stand By Me, and his love for them, he added: “I like, well I have a number that I like, but I love The Shawshank Redemption and I’ve always enjoyed working with Frank (Darabont). He’s a sweet guy. Frank. And I love the Rob Reiner thing, Stand by Me.”

What did Stephen King think about the Dark Tower movie?

By mandating the adaptation be PG-13, King feels the movie by default “lost a lot of the toughness” of his book. According to King, “It became something where people went to it and said, ‘Well yeah, but it’s really not anything that we haven’t seen before.

What is the story behind Gerald’s Game?

Based on the Stephen King novel, Gerald’s Game is about a woman who is handcuffed to her bed during a sex game with her husband, and after he dies unexpectedly from a heart attack, she is left alone and must fight to survive all the while hearing strange voices and experiencing hallucinations.

Did the movie Dolores Claiborne win any Oscars?

She won an Academy Award for best actress for her chilling performance of an obsessed fan in Misery (1990).

What movie did Kathy Bates win an Oscar for?


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