Do I need to read the books before Lonesome Dove?

DB West Don’t know if you’re looking for answers anymore, but here’s what I’d recommend: definitely read Lonesome Dove first. It’s easily the best, and you don’t need to read the prequels to understand it at all. See how you feel after that.

Is Lonesome Dove a trilogy?

The Lonesome Dove series is a series of four western fiction novels written by Larry McMurtry and the five television miniseries and television series based upon them.

Is Streets of Laredo as good as Lonesome Dove?

Streets of Laredo is, judged by itself as a novel – by its ensemble characters, by the shapes and forms of its plot – probably the weakest of the series. But as a conclusion to the Lonesome Dove series, to the saga of Gus and Call’s lives, and those of the people around them, it’s brilliant.

Is Newt the Lonesome Dove?

Newt, is, after all, the “lonesome dove” that gives the book its title. Rick Schroder was just short of 18 when Lonesome Dove went into production as an epic television drama.

How long is Lonesome Dove 3?

Return to Lonesome Dove
ProducerDyson Lovell
CinematographyKees Van Oostrum
EditorCorky Ehlers
Running time340 minutes

How old is Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dove?

Augustus McCrae
Age60s (Lonesome Dove)
FamilyAgostina Vega
Significant other(s)Clara Allen Lorena Wood


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