Do the poems matter DDLC?

It doesn’t matter if there is one or two page you couldn’t pick as long you have many poems related to yuri like 17/20 goes to yuri and 3 to others. The game will choose how many poems related to that person.

Do Doki Doki choices matter?

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus has different endings depending on your actions while playing the game. While the game’s endings aren’t exactly what you’d expect (the game takes a pretty dark turn at the end of Act 1), they do help wrap everything up nicely.

Why are Sayori’s hands bloody?

Monika will later state in Act 3 during her conversation with the player that Sayori’s hands were bloody because her hanging did not kill her instantly, having stepped from a chair instead of a higher place, the latter which would have made her death quick and painless.

How do I remove Monika’s from Steam?

icon in their Steam library. Then hover over the Manage option and select Browse Local Files, opening the Characters folder. The only file under this folder should be Monika. Delete Monika’s file or drag it to the trash.

What happens if you write a poem for Natsuki?

If the player writes a poem for Natsuki, the protagonist will read manga with Natsuki, and during the middle of the session, she will fall asleep. The protagonist will try to rouse her, and she will glitch out, with a mass of black glitches covering her eyes and mouth, and her dialogue will be distorted.

What is Natsuki’s last name?

MeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of originJapan
Other names
Related namesNatsuko Natsumi

Does Natsuki have crush on Yuri?

Natsuki is literally programmed to fall in love with the protagonist, just like Yuri and Sayori. Don’t forget that.

How old is MC in DDLC?

MC- I’ve come to the conclusion that the MC is 17 years old, not 18. This is due mainly to one of the lines in act 1, on the day Sayori introduces him to the Literature Club.

How long is Yuri’s death?

Yuri’s body is left decomposing for three days, and is then discovered by Natsuki, who immediately vomits and runs away.

Who dies in Act 2 of DDLC?

However, Act 2 is also full of weird and creepy events that have a random chance of occuring, instead of relying on the player’s choices. The act ends as Monika and Natsuki discover that the protagonist spent the weekend in the classroom with Yuri’s decaying body after stabbing herself multiple times.

Can you pick Monika in DDLC?

EDIT: I did it and it did the same as Sayori. You cant choose monika She forces you to choose either yuri or natsuki in act 2 you can only choose Monika.

What is the difference between DDLC Plus?

DDLC Plus contains the original core experience of DDLC, and it also includes new Side Stories, music, images, and more! Does the game include voice acting? As a design decision, DDLC Plus does not include any voice acting.

What font is Monika written?

Monika writes in the “Journal” font. Before the release of v1. 1.1, “cacophony” was misspelled as “cacophany”.

How do I load Monica?

  1. Navigate to the releases page.
  2. Click the latest version link. This will download a zip file to your system.
  3. Extract the contents the zip file into the /game folder of your DDLC installation.
  4. Running DDLC will now load the Monika After Story Mod.

How many endings does Doki Doki have?

Depending on how you play Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, you’ll end up with one of the game’s three different, core endings. The first ending is the regular ending most players will get when playing normally, while the other two are more along the lines of traditional “good” and “bad” endings.

What does Yuri’s last poem mean?

This poem shows that Natsuki sees all of Yuri’s good qualities as well, but she is afraid to get closer because that would mean that she would have to accept Yuri’s habits. The last line of the poem indicates that Natsuki is ready to talk about Yuri’s problem and confront it head on.

Does Monika run out of things to say?

The player is now free to delete Monika’s character by accessing the game’s files (or allow Monika to continue speaking for an eternity, though she will eventually run out of lines and repeat old ones).

Is there a Monika route?

True Route, formerly known as Monika Route, is a Doki Doki Literature Club! mod made by Reddit user CompleteMonochrome. The mod has a route made for Monika where you can write poems for her, having new history.

Is Monika pansexual?

Character Information – Monika is a pansexual character from Doki Doki Literature Club!.

How do you skip Monikas dialogue?

Check “Unseen text” in settings and press “Skip”. 5 minutes and you’re there. Originally posted by Kryakzenpuk: Check “Unseen text” in settings and press “Skip”.


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