Do Will and Stella end up together in Five Feet Apart book?

Here comes the big spoiler: Will breaks up with Stella. Not only does he end things with her, but he does it as though it’s a grand romantic gesture, the moment she wakes up from a lung transplant, with her family and her doctors around her, while she’s on a ventilator and can’t speak or move.

What happens to Will and Stella after Five Feet Apart?

The two men are going on a trip to Rio, with Will traveling and seeing the world as he always dreamed of doing. Coincidentally, Stella happens to be there as well, taking a trip to Rome with her friends Mya and Camila.

Who does Stella fall in love with in Five Feet Apart?

Major Characters: Stella Grant: Teenager with cystic fibrosis who fell in love with Will Newman during one of her hospital stays. Stella is cautious, rule-abiding, and very organized.

Will and Stella relationship?

The two develop a relationship as Stella aims to use her organizational skills to get Will to follow his treatment more carefully. As the two spend time together, their relationship intensifies, and they help each other grow as individuals.

Does will fall in love with Stella?

Polar opposites in their personalities, Stella and Will quickly fall in love. They do their treatments together, video chat from their respective hospital rooms and even go on a romantic hospital date.

Why do Stella and will have to stay Five Feet Apart?

What condition do Stella and Will have in ‘Five Feet Apart’? Cystic fibrosis, the disease that Stella and Will suffer from in Five Feet Apart, is a genetic condition that causes a buildup of thick mucus in the lungs.

Who dies in 5 feet apart book?

Stella carries around a pool stick, 5 feet in length, so she and Will can gauge their boundary. Poe dies suddenly, leaving Stella to grieve for another person close to her.

Will there be Five Feet Apart 2?

The All This Time book was released in 2020, so it’s likely, we’ll see a Five Feet Apart sequel as soon as 2022.

What happens in 5 feet apart the book?

FIVE FEET APART is about two teens with cystic fibrosis (CF) dealing with first love and the uncertainty of their futures. Stella’s an organized achiever who has her life in order and manages her medications and treatments efficiently. Will’s the total opposite.

Does Stella have OCD?

The emphasis on Stella’s “OCD”. – In the book she’s definitely ‘controlling’ about her treatments and schedules (which doesn’t seem so strange to us since her health depends on them) but never describes herself as “clinically OCD” as she does in the movie.

Is Five Feet Apart a true story?

“Five Feet Apart” is not directly based on a true story. However, much like “The Fault in Our Stars,” the film is partially inspired and influenced by a real person. “Five Feet Apart” is dedicated to Claire Wineland, who also acted as a consultant for the movie.


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