Do you need to read Magpie Murders before moonflower murders?

Both books stand alone so it’s not essential to have read Magpie Murders before starting Moonflower Murders (although there are a few references in this one to the events of the previous book). At the beginning of the novel, we rejoin Susan Ryeland who is now running a small hotel in Crete with her boyfriend, Andreas.

Is Moonflower Murders a sequel to Magpie Murders?

“Moonflower Murders” is a direct sequel to “Magpie Murders,” with Susan retired from publishing and running a small hotel on a Greek island with her boyfriend. But she misses her literary life in London, and jumps at the opportunity to assist the Trehernes.

Who is the killer in Moonflower Murders?

Even though Melissa’s husband, Francis Pendleton, confessed to the crime, he was unable to detail to police how he killed her or answer their questions because he died just moments after he confessed. Pünd determined that Francis had strangled his wife, but he had not killed her, only rendered her unconscious.

Who are the characters in Moonflower Murders?

  • Anthony Horowitz. This person is the author of Moonflower Murders.
  • Susan Ryeland. This character is the main character and narrator of Moonflower Murders.
  • Andreas Patakis.
  • Lawrence Trehorne.
  • Pauline Trehorne.
  • Cecily MacNeil.
  • Lisa Trehorne.
  • Aiden MacNeil.

Is Moonflower Murders part of a series?

Moonflower Murders is a 2020 mystery novel by British author Anthony Horowitz and the second novel in the Susan Ryeland series. The story focuses on the disappearance of a hotel employee and utilizes a story within a story format.

Will there be a second season of Magpie Murders?

The murder mystery adaptation recently arrived on BritBox.

Will there be a third Magpie Murders?

More Stories By Max. EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Horowitz believes his upcoming Magpie Murders adaptation is “the first time I’ve really got it right,” and has stated he will no longer write on classic TV murder mysteries.


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