Does Barnes and Noble have old books?

Our Collection of Rare and Collectible Books – Conveniently browse an expansive collection of the finest books, including extremely rare signed books, limited editions, B&N exclusive editions, leatherbound books, hard-to-find unique books, and more at Barnes & Noble.

Does Barnes and Noble sell vintage books?

Our Collection of Rare and Collectible Books – There’s a vast selection of books for every type of book collector, from rare comic books, limited edition books, one-of-a-kind art and photography books, to collectible classic books, you’ll be sure to find the perfect book for your collection.

Does Amazon buy you books?

Amazon no longer accepts trade-in books. You can sell your used books on Amazon through a seller account. Search Amazon’s trade-in store to see what types of items are eligible for trade-in.

When did Barnes and Noble open?

1886, New York, NY

What is the address of Barnes and Noble headquarters?

New York, NY

What is the rarest first edition book?

The original Declaration of Independence, signed by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, is easily one of the rarest, most sought after documents of all time. There were only 200 copies of it printed on July 4th, 1776, and only about 26 copies survive to this day.

Why is Barnes and Noble so expensive?

The retail units, located in or near places where people like to gather for other shopping and entertainment, often incur higher-than-average expenses for the company, which are representative of the commitment Barnes and Noble makes to secure their reputation of providing excellent shopping experiences for their

How is Barnes and Noble doing 2021?

Despite a slow December due to the omicron surge, 2021 was “another year of solid growth” at Barnes & Noble, according to CEO James Daunt, who spoke with PW from a hotel in Stamford, Ct., where he was on the final leg of a national tour to meet with store managers.

Which is the most expensive book ever sold at auction?

The Book of Mormon, 1830 – Holding the record as the most expensive antique book ever sold is the original printer’s draft of the Book of Mormon, hand-written following the dictation of Mormonism’s founder Joseph Smith.

What is the most valuable document in the world?

Last Thursday, an original first printing of the US Constitution fetched a $43.2 million winning bid at Sotheby’s, setting the record for the most expensive document or book ever sold at auction. The document is one of 13 known copies and one of only two held in private collections.

What is the most valuable Bible?

The Gutenberg Bible – $5.4 million – Time and again, The Gutenberg Bible has made it to the most expensive book list. First, in 1987, it set a record for the most expensive book ever purchased. Only 48 copies of the original collection of 1450s-printed books are still preserved. Bible has a price tag of $5.4 million.

Does Barnes and Noble match their online price in store?

As we’ve discussed in the past, Barnes & Noble does not match its online prices in its brick-and-mortar store.

Are medical books expensive?

The cost of the medical books depends on the author, edition of the book, international or Indian author etc. For 1st year it is approximately 15k for the books. many books of foreign authors are much costly than those of Indian authors. Usually the cost of medical books is slightly high.

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