Does The Untamed have a novel?

The fifty episodes of The Untamed are a (more or less) faithful adaptation of the Mo Dao Zu Shi novel— even though there are some plot points that have been changed and some that have been removed entirely, like all the explicit romantic scenes between the two male leads.

What is The Untamed novel called?

The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese television series adapted from the danmei novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo.

Is The Untamed A love story?

The Untamed is an epic fantasy with a romance at its center, led by a problem child who comes back from the dead in order to fix the broken world he left behind — and finally unite with his true love.

How many books are in The Untamed series?

There are 7 books in this series.

Is Untamed worth watching?

In the end, while there were undoubtedly some things that could have been done better, “The Untamed” makes for a solid adaptation and a powerful watch, through the sheer power of its complex storylines, yes, but above that, because of its compelling characters and heartfelt relationships.

How close is untamed to the book?

Though The Untamed followed very closely to the novel, one major difference between them lies in the sequences of events , creating the 13 years gap in the novel, and the 16 years gap in the drama.


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