How can I tell what edition my Gone With the Wind book is?

The only way to tell a facsimile edition apart from a true first edition is by the 1964 copyright notice on the copyright page. Bound:Gray cloth boards with printed blue text and design.

What edition is my Gone With the Wind book?

New York: MacMillan. 1936. First Edition; Fifth Printing. Hardcover.

Is Gone With the Wind out of print?

Gone with the Wind holds a central position in this nation’s cultural iconography. The book has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide—and is still proudly in print almost 85 years after it was first published.

When was the first Gone With the Wind book published?

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind, one of the best-selling novels of all time and the basis for a blockbuster 1939 movie, is published on June 30, 1936. In 1926, Mitchell was forced to quit her job as a reporter at the Atlanta Journal to recover from a series of physical injuries.

Was Gone With the Wind a book first?

First-edition cover
AuthorMargaret Mitchell
GenreHistorical Fiction
PublisherMacmillan Publishers (United States)
Publication dateJune 30, 1936

How do I know which edition of a book I have?

To tell the edition of a book, look at the bottom of the copyright page. You should see “First Edition” followed by a year. If there are no other editions listed, the book you have is the first edition. However, if there are other editions listed, your book will be the most recent one.

Does ISBN number change with edition?

No. A new edition is considered a different product and gets its own ISBN.

How can you tell if its a first print?

Identifying the First Edition of a Book – The publisher may actually state the words ‘first edition’ or ‘first printing’ on the copyright page. Another common method of identification is the number line – that’s a line of numbers on the copyright page. Usually, if a one is present in the line then it’s a first edition.

What makes a book a first edition?

An edition comprises all the copies of a book printed from substantially the same setting of type (the particular arrangement of the letters). The first edition, therefore, is the very first group of books printed for a specific title, before any major changes to the text or page layout are made.

How do I read an ISBN number?

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. ISBNs were 10 digits in length up to the end of December 2006, but since 1 January 2007 they now always consist of 13 digits. ISBNs are calculated using a specific mathematical formula and include a check digit to validate the number.

Where is the edition of a book placed in a reference?

In the reference list entry, the edition number is placed in parentheses after the title (but before the period at the end of the title element). Because it is not part of the title, the edition information is not italicized.

What if a book has no number line?

Book collectors expresses this as “no additional printings.” This simply means that the copyright page of a book is free of any number lines beginning with a 2 or statements to the affect of “Second printing.” Viking Publishing used this method during the 1980’s, for example.

What is the ISBN on a book?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.

How do you find out when an edition of a book was published?

Date published can most usually be found on the copyright page of a book. That page will tell you when the work was copyrighted – and if the book is a first edition, the copyright date will be the same as the date published. If it is a later edition, the date will be different.

What is a 1936 edition of Gone With the Wind worth?

The book was first published by Macmillan in May 1936, and a first-edition, first printing of this work in great condition, with its original book jacket and authentically signed by the author can be found at retail for as much as $25,000.


Julie London – Gone With The Wind (Liberty Records 1955)



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