How do you teach literature in high school?

  1. * Choose wisely.
  2. * Read with your brain turned on.
  3. * Read with your SPIRIT turned on.
  4. * Talk about what you’ve read.
  5. * Allow writing assignments to grow out of these conversations.

What are the ways of teaching literature?

There are six approaches in the teaching of literature. They are the (1) Language-Based Approach, (2) Paraphrastic Approach, (3) Information-Based Approach, (4) Personal-Response Approach, (5) Moral-Philosophical Approach, and (6) Stylistic Approach.

What are the three models of teaching literature?

As discussed above, the three models for teaching literature—the language model, the cultural model, and the personal growth model—differ in terms of their focus on texts.

Why are methods and techniques important in teaching literature?

The uses of particular techniques of teaching literature in each form of literary works are very useful. The appropriate methods, approaches, and techniques for teaching prose, poetry and drama enable students to increase their competence both in language and literature.

What are modern methods to teach English literature?

  • Task-based Approach. Traditional curriculum design and class planning revolved around the topics considered useful for students.
  • Project-based Approach.
  • Lexical Syllabus.
  • Using Smartphones in the Classroom.

What are the challenges teachers face in teaching literature in schools?

Among the problems in EFL literature teaching – low motivation, lack of confidence, inadequate teaching methods, exam stress, underqualified teachers, insufficient in-service training – students‟ proficiency levels have been always standing out as the most critical (Abdullah, T.

What are the 5 approaches to teaching?

The five major approaches are Constructivist, Collaborative, Integrative, Reflective and Inquiry Based Learning ( 2C-2I-1R ).

What are the objectives of literature?

To create literary sensibility for appreciation in students and expose them to artistic and innovative use of language by writers and to various worldviews 3. To instill values and develop human concern in students through exposure to literary texts 4. To enhance literary and linguistic competence of students. 1.

What is the best way to teach literature in class?

One way to motivate your students to do the readings and come to class ready to discuss them is to give daily reading quizzes. You can either create simple short answer quizzes or assign writing prompts that will test your students’ knowledge of the reading. Give these quizzes at the beginning of every class.

How do you start teaching literature?

Begin with texts they’re familiar with. – For middle schoolers, use comic books, song lyrics, or even kid’s magazines. With high schoolers, try popular song lyrics, blog posts, or short stories/novellas that lead to movies. These familiar texts will help bring your students into literature without as much drama.

How do you run a literature circle in high school?

  1. Create Meaningful Roles.
  2. Build In Discussion Tasks.
  3. Provide participation accountability.
  4. Give Them Choice.
  5. Join in the Fun.
  6. Go Digital.

How do you teach high school literary analysis?

  1. First, acknowledge what is confusing or uncertain about the text.
  2. Second, make observations.
  3. Third, apply reading strategies (in this case, I used visualizing).
  4. Last, teach students to ask questions that probe at the deeper meaning and reason for the writing.

How do high school students teach short stories?

  1. Enthusiasm is contagious.
  2. Encourage personal discovery.
  3. Think carefully about your material.
  4. Read each story more than once.
  5. Embrace opportunities for cross-cultural discussion.
  6. Conduct a debate on a central theme.
  7. Enhance critical thinking skills through literary analysis.

How do teachers teach literature?

Teaching literature – Classroom teaching should incorporate: dedicated classroom time for children to read, or be read to, and to discuss their reading. opportunities for children to be read to, to read with others, and to read by themselves. opportunities for children to respond to what they read in a variety of ways.

How can I teach English literature?

When teaching English through literature, some of the group activities used in language classroom are general class discussion, small-group work, panel discussions, and debates. All of these group activities both develop the speaking abilities of the students and give importance to pronunciation practice.

How is literature taught literacy?

Literature-based reading instruction involves teaching reading through exposure to literature. In other words, students learn how to analyze texts by reading and analyzing texts. The focus of literature-based instruction is to help children develop literacy skills through having real-life literary experiences.

Why is literature important in high school?

Studying literature allows young people to develop the ability to think critically about different topics, from a range of different theoretical perspectives. Through books, they will learn about various historical events and start to understand a wide range of cultures.

How do you make teaching literature fun?

  1. Bring literature to life. Have the students perform the story they are reading.
  2. Have the students create artwork.
  3. Play games.
  4. Assign the students to be Teacher for the Day.
  5. Write it out.
  6. Laugh a lot.
  7. Participate in the above activities!

Why do we need to teach literature?

Literature provides a language model for those who hear and read it. By using literary texts, students learn new words, syntax and discourse functions and they learn correct sentence patterns, standard story structures. They develop their writing skills.

What does literary teaching mean?

– It focuses on reading literary texts and the link between reading and reading literature. The link between literature and cultural experiences via other media is only hinted at and would be worth another study. 1.1 Literary education and the notion of “literarische Bildung”


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