How does the book The Chain end?

Eventually, Rachel is largely forgotten and she moves on with her life. Kylie is doing well. Rachel and Pete are still together. The book ends with Rachel taking a pregnancy test and waiting for the results.

What is The Chain about book?

Rachel Knight’s daughter has been abducted, and the only way Rachel can save her is to add another kidnapped child to the terrifying chain. Pairing an irresistible concept with a winner protagonist, The Chain promises to be your new addiction once you succumb to the first enticing page.”

Who covered the Chain by Fleetwood Mac?

Clarkson belted out the breakup tune with raw emotion. Damn your love, damn your lies! Kelly Clarkson sure knows her way around a breakup tune — and is there a better band to choose one from than Fleetwood Mac?

Does Isabel ever find Ruth?

11/08), but as Isabel continues her fraught journey south in June 1781 with her companion, Curzon, she remains as determined as ever to find and rescue her sister. On a semi-abandoned South Carolina plantation, they do find Ruth, but she has made a home there and is aloof and even hostile to Isabel.

What does Isabel give Curzon before she leaves?

She demands that they give him his hat and blanket back, and tells them she will not bring them anymore food Curzon dies. Dibdin wants Isabel to take a message to Captain Morse. She agrees because he promises that Curzon will then be seen by a doctor. She reminds him that if Curzon dies, he will not see her again.

What happens to Ruth in Chains?

Isabel grieves for Ruth by clinging tightly to Ruth’s cornhusk doll—though the doll is destroyed in a devastating fire. At the end of the novel, Madam reveals that she never sold Ruth: Ruth is on the Locktons’ estate in Charleston, South Carolina.

What is Ruth’s age in Chains?

Ruth is one of the younger characters in the novel; five years old and sister to Isabel. She embodies the same stubbornness and resilience as her older sister but is vulnerable and dependent on her. She is kept in hiding by Mrs. Lockton as a personal maid and suffers from epilepsy.

What does Lady Seymour admit to Isabel?

One day, Lady Seymour quietly apologizes for failing to protect Isabel from the Locktons’ mistreatment. The lady confesses that she once tried to buy Isabel, but that Madam refused to hear of it. Isabel is unable to muster the thankfulness that Lady Seymour seems to expect for this.

How does Isabel change in Chains?

Isabel is a thirteen-year-old African-American slave working under Madam Lockton, a dirty loyalist, in the novel Chains. Throughout Chains, Isabel changes from an intimated and gloomy young girl to a confident and proud young woman.

What happened in chapter 24 of Chains?

Lady Seymour puts together the jumbled pieces of the last several days. She adds that after her punishment, the authorities left Isabel in the stocks, where she would have died if Curzon hadn’t run to Lady Seymour and told her that Isabel was in trouble.

What happens in Chapter 35 in Chains?

Curzon tells Isabel the story of the battle at Fort Washington. During the battle, he saw a friend decapitated by a cannonball, and he got shot in the leg himself. He explains that after the surrender, the British separated the Patriot officers from the lower-ranked men.

What happens at the end of ashes by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Ashes ends with the surrender of the British and the end of the war. And for readers it is the end of Isabel and Curzon’s stories, but Anderson offers us a hopeful conclusion to her Seeds of America trilogy, though there are no tidy answers about the future for Isabel, Curson, Ruth and Aberdeen.

Who does Isabel blame for feelings of anger?

Isabel has never been this angry and angst-ridden about being a slave. She blames Lady Seymour for telling her that she wanted to buy her and rescue her from Madam Lockton’s Chamber of Horrors, and she also blames the message from Common Sense, which is becoming clearer and clearer.

Who is Hannah in Chains?

Hannah is one of the British soldier’s wives who live with the Locktons and work in the kitchen. Mary is one of the British soldier’s wives who live with the Locktons and work in the kitchen. Private Dibdin is a Patriot soldier imprisoned with Curzon.

Who are the Locktons?

The Locktons are loyalists, and support the British. Life with their new owners becomes difficult for Isabel and her sister. Master Lockton is verbally and physically abusive to his wife Anne. In turn, Anne takes out her frustrations and general cruelty on Isabel and her sister.

How does Isabel’s ability read against her?

How does Isabel’s ability to read work against her? Slaves are not supposed to be able to read, so Robert thinks she is lying. What are Mr. Robert’s plans for Isabel and her sister?

Who are the main characters in Chains?

  • Isabel.
  • Curzon.
  • Ruth.
  • Master Elihu Lockton.
  • Madam Anne Lockton.
  • Lady Clarissa Seymour.
  • Becky Berry.
  • Bellingham.

What is the theme of the book Chains?

The main themes in Chains are memory and ancestry; slavery, freedom, and rebellion; and growth and coming of age. Memory and ancestry: Isabel has a powerful memory and connection to her ancestry, both of which help guide her in adversity but are threatened by loss and trauma.

What happened in chapter 10 of Chains?

By Laurie Halse Anderson – At bedtime, Isabel puts her plan into action Mission Impossible style (cue the music). She sneaks up the cellar stairs, prepared to tell anyone who sees her that she’s going to the privy (a.k.a. outdoor bathroom), though in reality, she’s going to bring news of Lockton’s bribery to Curzon.


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