How long does it take to read The Mysterious Affair at Styles?

The average reader will spend 1 hours and 54 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

How long is The Mysterious Affair at Styles?

Being a miniseries, with a total runtime of approximately 198 minutes, it included many details from the novel that were omitted from other shorter adaptations, and was generally faithful to the novel.

Who killed Emily Inglethorp and why?

The murderer actually turned out to be Emily’s companion, Evelyn Howard, who, despite seemingly hating Alfred, turned out to be in league with him. The poison used wasn’t only strychnine, but Evelyn had suggested adding an accelerating agent to Emily’s medicine (which consisted of strychnine).

What was Hercule Poirot criteria for an ally?

Hercule poirot criteria for an ally was that he wanted somebody who is not associated with them in any inquiry, or somebody who is not from this house.

Is The Mysterious Affair at Styles a good book?

This is the first among the Hercule Poirot series which have gone down into the history as one of the best detective and Christie as one of the best mystery writer. The Mysterious Affair at Styles deserves a three star for the gripping mystery as well as the debut of Hercule Poirot. 5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!

Which episode is The Mysterious Affair at Styles?

Series 3 – Episode 1– Hastings is staying with the Inglethorpes at Styles St Mary, but when their hostess is found murdered, he sends for his old friend Hercule Poirot.

Where is Styles Court in Poirot?

The locations for the episode include the beautiful Chavenage House, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, used as ‘Styles Court’, a location I sincerely hope they’ve returned to for the adaptation of Curtain!, as well as the village of Easton Grey, Gloucestershire, doubling as ‘Styles St.

What episode does Poirot meet Hastings?

The Mysterious Affair at Styles” marks Poirot’s first mystery. Interestingly, Poirot’s first and last cases take place at Styles. Here he reconnects with a friend, Captain Hastings, whom he has not seen in some time.

Is The Mysterious Affair at Styles a classic?

One of the best-loved classic mysteries of all time, The Mysterious Affair at Styles will continue to enchant old readers and introduce Agatha Christie’s unique storytelling genius to a host of new readers.


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