How long is The Terror book?

“The Terror” is a 769-page novel about men stuck in the ice.

How many pages is the book The Terror?

The Terror first edition cover.
AuthorDan Simmons
Pages784 (first edition)

How accurate is The Terror?

The BBC is airing a 10-part series called The Terror that follows John Franklin as he leads an expedition to find the Northwest Passage in the 19th century. While much of it is fiction, an equal amount is fact. Some of the most unbelievable parts of the show (based on the book by Dan Simmons) are true.

What is the theme of the story The Terror?

His autobiographical essay “The Terror” tells the story of the crippling fear he experienced in his adolescence following a “beat-down” by kids on the other side of his neighborhood. As you read “The Terror,” consider these questions: Why is it so hard to face our fears and conquer them?

What happens to Hickey in The Terror?

Hickey’s punishment is increased to 30 lashes and receive them on the buttocks after he argues with Crozier. After his lashing, he is treated by Doctor McDonald, and afterwards finds that someone, perhaps Tozer, has left tobacco in his hammock (Punished, as a Boy).

Where was The Terror filmed?

Where was The Terror filmed? Thankfully, neither cast nor crew had to travel to the real Northwest Passage to film The Terror. Most of the action was recorded on a soundstage in Budapest, Hungary, with digital effects added to create the vistas of the North Atlantic.

Is the book The Terror Based on a true story?

Is it based on a true story? Yes. Simmons’s book is a fictionalised account of Captain Sir John Franklin’s expedition on HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to the Arctic in 1845.

Was there a ship named Terror?

HMS Terror was built in Topsham, Devon, and launched in June 1813. The ship was a bomb vessel, with an extremely strong hull, built to withstand the impact of explosions. Terror began its career as a ship of war, involved in several battles of the War of 1812 against the United States.

Why does Edward have chains on his face?

The gold piercings on Lieutenant Little’s face in episode 10 are based on Inuit stories of finding a body with gold chains wrapped around his face. In the book, Little is described as being a lover of classical music.

Why did Inuit not help Franklin?

Why didn’t local Inuit help more? One impediment to cooperation between the last Franklin expedition’s crew members and local Inuit communities was the language barrier between English-speaking Europeans and Netsilik Inuit.

What does Aglooka mean?

Aglooka — aglukaq in Inuktitut — means roughly “long strider,” and from the point of view of the Inuit, it’s a term that could be applied to almost any of the white explorers who sojourned among them.

Is it a polar bear in The Terror?

The fifth episode of The Terror finally revealed what, exactly, has been hunting and killing the crew of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. The Tuunbaq, as it’s called, is a spiritual beast with the general shape of a gaunt, powerful polar bear, but with humanlike hands and eyes. It’s an uncanny, scary monster.

What does Tuunbaq mean?

Image via AMC. Image via AMC. The Tuunbaq itself, a partial creation from the novel’s author Dan Simmons who borrowed heavily from Inuit mythology, is a “killing spirit“, a soul-consuming monster that was given life during a war between Inuit gods before being banished to the frozen wasteland.

What is a weasel bear?

Aboriginal hunters from Arctic Canada have a couple of names for what they say is an extremely rare polar bear that is huge, narrow-bodied, fast-moving and lithe: “tiriarnaq” or “tigiaqpak,” meaning “weasel bear.”

What happens to Lady Silence?

She is not seen again until the end of the episode when the Tuunbaq appears outside her igloo and gives her a seal carcass to eat. In episode 4, she is kidnapped by Hartnell, Cornelius Hickey, Magnus Manson, and Thomas Armitage and brought back to Terror.

Why did the Franklin expedition fail?

Many theories have been put forth about what ultimately afflicted and killed the Franklin Expedition, with various explanations including starvation (researchers have found evidence of cannibalism among the crew), tuberculosis, pneumonia and even lead poisoning.

What happened to Franklin’s expedition?

The expedition sailed on 19 May 1845, calling at Stromness on Orkney, and at islands in West Greenland’s Disko Bay. After exchanging signals with two whaling vessels in Baffin Bay, Franklin, his men, and his ships disappeared after heading towards Lancaster Sound.

Who found the Franklin Expedition?

The Franklin Expedition – The British Admiralty chose Sir John Franklin to find this remaining portion of the route. Franklin left England in HMS Erebus and HMS Terror on 19 May 1845, carrying 134 officers and men.


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