How many books are in the Crave saga?

There are 6 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

What books are in the Crave series?

The Crave series is best enjoyed in order: Crave (book 1), Crush (book 2), Covet (book 3), and Court (book 4). Available November 8, 2022: Charm, the missing four months of time between Crave and Crush, can be enjoyed anytime after reading Crave. Available May 30, 2023: Cherish.

Is the Crave series going to be a movie?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has officially acquired the film rights to best-selling author Tracy Wolff’s new coming-of-age vampire novel titled Crave.

Will there be a 5th book in the Crave series?

Charm (Crave, 5) Hardcover – November 8, 2022. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Is Jaxon Flint a mate?

He is saved by Flint’s mother, a dragon, when she sacrifices her dragon heart to him because he scarified his life to save Flint’s. As of Court, Jaxon is healthy and living with his one true love, his forever mate Grace Foster.

How many books has Tracy Wolff?

Is Tracy Wolff married?

Tracy is also a member of the Women’s Hall of Fame and received “The Mother of the Year Award” from AVANCE San Antonio. Tracy is married to Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff and together they have a family of six children and eight beautiful grandchildren.


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