How many books are in the Neuromancer series?

AuthorWilliam Gibson
Published1984, 1986, 1988
Media typePrint, digital
No. of books3

Is Neuromancer part of a series?

The Sprawl trilogy (also known as the Neuromancer, Cyberspace, or Matrix trilogy) is William Gibson’s first set of novels, composed of Neuromancer (1984), Count Zero (1986), and Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988).

Is there a Neuromancer movie?

William Gibson’s 1984 novel, Neuromancer, has been passed between filmmakers for years, but nothing concrete has ever materialized. At this point, it seems unlikely that it ever will. Neuromancer follows Case, a former cyberspace cowboy, who’s employed to steal people’s information and secrets through the matrix.

Is matrix based on Neuromancer?

The biggest and perhaps most famous influence on The Matrix is William Gibson’s genre-transforming 1984 novel Neuromancer. The story of the book centers on Case, a “cowboy” who jacks into cyberspace to perform all sorts of espionage, theft, and other cyberpunky-stuff.

Is cyberpunk based on Neuromancer?

The 1999 cyberpunk science fiction film The Matrix particularly draws from Neuromancer both eponym and usage of the term “matrix”.

Is Neuromancer badly written?

It’s semi-difficult read, but not a definitely not poorly written.

Is Mona Lisa Overdrive a sequel?

Mona Lisa Overdrive is a science fiction novel by American-Canadian writer William Gibson, published in 1988. It is the final novel of the cyberpunk Sprawl trilogy, following Neuromancer and Count Zero, taking place eight years after the events of the latter.

How do you read a Neuromancer?

How To Read Neuromancer (William Gibson) – YouTube

How did Neuromancer end?

Case and Molly overcome the interference of cybernetic law enforcement and an attempted double-cross by Riviera to merge Wintermute with Neuromancer, and the novel ends with Case living in a brave new world wherein the merged AIs possess nearly limitless power.

What does matrix mean in Neuromancer?

The Matrix from the Neuromancer graphic novel. Art by Bruce Jensen. The Cyberspace is a graphic representation of this data abstracted from the banks of every computer. The Cyberspace matrix is an abstract representation of the relationships between data systems.

What is the word in Neuromancer?

Cyberspace”: William Gibson, ‘Neuromancer’ (1984) – The word “cyberspace” has a super sci-fi ring to it, but it isn’t all that futuristic.

Is Neuromancer a dystopia?

Neuromancer, a book that brings the belief of the future to life, speaks of the use of technology and how advanced it will be. Gibson illustrates a place of dystopia, where everything is dark and full of despair. There seems to be no control over people and who they kill.

How many chapters are in Neuromancer?

As Gibson’s science-fiction magnum opus, The Neuromancer is organized into twenty-four chapters spanning four parts and a coda.

What year is Neuromancer set in?

Neither the novel nor its sequels set a firm date, but Gibson has waded into the matter himself by declaring that in his mind, Neuromancer takes place around 2035.

What is ice in Neuromancer?

Cartoons. Phantom 2040, though in it “ICE” stands for “Integrated Cyber Environment“, referring to cyberspace, rather than Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics.

How old is case in Neuromancer?

Twenty-four year-old Henry Dorsett Case was a talented computer hacker before he stole from his employers. In response, they maimed him by injecting a mycotoxin into his central nervous system. It rendered him incapable of inserting his consciousness into the cyberspace known as the matrix.

Is Count Zero a sequel to Neuromancer?

Count Zero is a science fiction novel by American-Canadian writer William Gibson, originally published in 1986. It is the second volume of the Sprawl trilogy, which begins with Neuromancer and concludes with Mona Lisa Overdrive, and is an example of the cyberpunk subgenre.

What is the Cobra in Neuromancer?

The Cobra is a retractable baton, which I designed with an added electrical charge. A ‘cheap’ weapon which can be found at some black market shops. This is immensely helpful.

What is the deck in Neuromancer?

This is my take on the Ono-Sendai Deck from the book Neuromancer by William Gibson. The Ono Sendai is a portable hacking device used to enter cyberspace. The “Deck” is the computer in charge of processing, while the dermatrodes transmit the visualizations.

Why you should read Neuromancer?

Neuromancer is a great novel to read all on it’s own but in light of the CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 looming on the horizon it is a great mood setter and an introduction to a very niche genre. What makes Neuromancer so great is that at it’s core it’s a heist story.

Who are the Tessier Ashpool in Neuromancer?

Tessier-Ashpool S.A. is a wealthy industrial clan organization that has a corporate structure. Originating from the families of Tessier and Ashpool, they carefully refined themselves through genetics and interbreeding.

What is a count zero interrupt?

“Explanation of the novel’s title” – by someone who didn’t read it. A frontleaf of the book states that it comes from “count zero interrupt”, an interrupt that triggers the decrementing of the counter to zero. Whoever wrote here that the counter reaches zero thus exiting the loop must not have read that.

Where is Neuromancer set?

Gibson published Neuromancer in 1984, which follows a former hacker named Henry Dorsett Case, who lives in Chiba City, Japan.

Where is the sprawl?

The Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis (BAMA) or unofficially The Sprawl, is an urban sprawl that developed along the east coast of America; it contains New York and other former cities. Midtown Manhattan and outlines of old industrial parks around the old core of Atlanta have the busiest data exchange rate.

Is there a sequel to Neuromancer?

Count Zero

Should I read the Neuromancer sequels?

If you do read through Neuromancer I recommend continuing the series. Even though each book centers around mostly new characters and is largely self-contained there is an arching story throughout that pays off if you enjoy such meta-connections.

Can I read Count Zero before Neuromancer?

Neuromancer would be the best bet for a standalone, though Count Zero would be fine too. Mona Lisa Overdrive leans quite heavily on the assumption that you’ve at least read Neuromancer. Bob I read these back in the 90s, and this year I’m going back and reading them again.

How do you count zero?

Counting Number of Zeros – YouTube


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