How many books does Fable have?

The Fable series consist of 2 epic books written by Adrienne Young .

How many Fable books are there?

Fable (2 book series) Kindle Edition. Filled with all of the action, emotion, and lyrical writing that brought readers to Sky in the Deep, New York Times bestselling author Adrienne Young returns with Fable, the first book in this new captivating duology.

How many books are in Fable anniversary?

Welcome to the Fable Anniversary Books locations guide that helps you find the total of 25 Books locations for the Xbox 360 action-RPG game.

How do you complete a book collection in Fable?

In order to complete this quest, speak to the teacher when the school is open and give him any books you have. After each donation, there will be a short cutscene in which he reads the book to the children. Your reward will depend upon the number of books you donate and nature of your donations.

Does Fable end?

The book ends with Saint claiming Fable in front of the whole trade council. West, Fable’s romantic interest, is in some ways just a cipher for Fable’s father, a window through which Fable can look to understand how her mother Isolde could have ever loved Saint.

Does West know who Fable is?

He says that West is not who she thinks he is. Before she can make it back to the Marigold, Zola arrives because he has figured out who Fable is. She is Isolde’s daughter. Zola captures Fable, takes her aboard his ship, and leaves Dern.



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