How many books has James Patterson written about Alex Cross?

Currently, there are 28 main books in the series, with the latest one, The People vs. Alex Cross, published in 2017. I’ve read every single Alex Cross novel, which I always looked forward to getting after reading the first book in the Alex Cross series, Along Came A Spider, first published back in 1992.

How many Alex Cross books are there by James Patterson?

To date, there are 29 books in the regular Alex Cross books series, along with two novellas (aka Alex Cross BookShots). Below is a rundown of all the books in order, including the novellas, so if you wish to read them, use the following list: 1) Along Came a Spider (1993) 2) Kiss the Girls (1995)

What is James Patterson’s most popular book?

With over 400,000 ratings, “Along Came a Spider” is the most popular James Patterson novel amongst Goodreads members. This is the first mystery novel in the “Alex Cross” series, which now has 28 novels (and another due to be published next month).

Is James Patterson still writing Alex Cross books?

This may be the final book on the list, but James Patterson is by no means finished with the Alex Cross series. A new book is scheduled for the end of the year, so feel free to race through Deadly Cross with as much zeal as it calls for — you won’t be without Alex Cross for long.

What James Patterson book should I read first?

by James Patterson – Along Came a Spider is the first book in Patterson’s most popular series, Alex Cross—in which every book is downright addictive. Compelling and twisty, this is a quintessential thriller and the perfect place to start with his work.

Is there a new Alex Cross book coming out?

Fear No Evil (Alex Cross, 27) – This title will be released on September 13, 2022.

What order should I read James Patterson books?

  • 1st to Die (2001)
  • 2nd Chance (2002)
  • 3rd Degree (2004)
  • 4th of July (2005)
  • The 5th Horseman (2006)
  • The 6th Target (2007)
  • 7th Heaven (2008)
  • The 8th Confession (2009)

What book does Alex Cross meet Bree?

She first appeared in Double Cross, having started a relationship with Alex and falling in love with him. Bree is described as a tough Bureau detective and is put on the DCAK case, which she works with Alex and Sampson.

How many Alex Cross books were made into movies?

Patterson’s Alex Cross books have been adapted into three films: 1997’s Kiss the Girls and 2001’s Along Came a Spider starred Morgan Freeman as Cross, while Tyler Perry played the character in 2012’s Alex Cross.

What is the new James Patterson book called?

Shattered (Michael Bennett, 14) – This title will be released on July 18, 2022.

Will 2 Sisters Detective Agency be a series?

2 Sisters Detective Agency will be the fifth novel written by the team of Patterson and Fox, and it serves as an excellent standalone read with potential to start a great new series.

Is Alex Cross movie based on a book?

The screenplay was originally based on the James Patterson novel CROSS. For marketing purposes, the film title was changed to that of another Patterson novel, “I, Alex Cross”. The screenplay, however, is a very loose adaptation, based on CROSS; similarities between book and screenplay are few.

Is Alex Cross black in the books?

Twenty years ago, James Patterson wrote his first thriller starring Alex Cross, a black psychologist and former FBI agent. The 20th novel in the series, Cross My Heart, is out this week. 81 million: Copies sold of series, starting with Along Came a Spider in 1993. 5: Cross novels that have hit No.

How many Alex Cross stories are there?

27Criss CrossNov-2019
28Deadly CrossNov-2020
29Fear No EvilNov-2021
30Cross OverNov-2022

Is there a sequel to Alex Cross?

Cancelled sequel – Prior to the film Alex Cross (2012) release, it was announced that Double Cross would be adapted into a film, with Tyler Perry reprising the role. However, the film was cancelled after Alex Cross did not perform well at the box office.

Will there be any more Alex Cross movies?

Despite the fact that most of the early reviews are negative (not ours though), Alex Cross will be receiving a sequel in the form of Double Cross, based on the novel of the same name by author James Patterson.

What book follows Criss Cross?

Along Came a Spider(1992)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Target(2018)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Criss Cross(2019)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Deadly Cross(2020)Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Fear No Evil(2021)Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Does Alex Cross get little Alex back?

After about a year she came back for Ali and kept him for over a year but eventually she gave him back to Alex and he ended up with custody of Ali. I hope this makes sense. In the novel Cross he reflects back on his relationship with Maria and also her death.

Who wrote the books about Alex Cross?

Is Lost by James Patterson part of a series?

Well, Lost by James Patterson and James O. Born makes the reader ask themselves that throughout this riveting new series! Detective Tom Moon is with the Miami PD working on a new FBI special task force known as Operation Guardian. It focuses on international crime.

Is there a book called Alex Cross?

The first book in the series, Along Came a Spider, was released in 1993 to positive reviews, spawning a series of over twenty subsequent novels. The series has led to three films, Kiss the Girls (1997), Along Came a Spider (2001), and Alex Cross (2012).

What author writes books similar to James Patterson?

  • Jeffery Deaver.
  • Jonathan Kellerman.
  • Nicholas Sparks.
  • Bill O’Reilly.
  • Ridley Pearson.
  • John Sandford.
  • Greg Iles.
  • Mary Higgins Clark.

What is Along Came a Spider about?

A psychological suspense thriller adapted from James Patterson’s first highly acclaimed novel in the Alex Cross series, Morgan Freeman reprises his role as the Washington, D.C. police detective and psychologist who is through playing mind games with criminals — that is until a methodical predator, Gary Soneji (Michael Wincott) commits a daring kidnapping and lures Cross into the case.

Who is the mastermind in the Alex Cross series?

By the end of the novel, it is revealed that Kyle Craig himself is the serial killer, but no one knows the truth. In Violets Are Blue, Craig, as the Mastermind, continues to taunt Alex and later reveals himself at the end of the novel.

What book comes after Cross My Heart by James Patterson?

AuthorJames Patterson
Preceded byAlex Cross, Run
Followed byHope to Die


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