How many books Osho read in his life?

It was predicted by his multiple biographers and researchers that Osho read around 150,000 to 200,000 books in his life; and at his peak, around 7,000 books every year.

How many book did Osho read?

Did Osho get married?

He never married and consistently said it was just a form of self-sabotage wherein you tie yourself down by getting “legally attached” in a way that lowers your spiritual potential. The biggest motivation behind the things Osho said about marriage and children was his belief in personal liberty above all else.

What is Osho in Pune?

The Osho Ashram now known as the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune is an iconic landmark located in Koregaon Park. Pune was the birthplace of the movement led by Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain Osho who propagated the teachings and philosophy of one’s sexuality and spirituality.

What does Osho say about death?

Face your loss, and the encounter will give you a deep understanding of life, says Osho. Death makes no distinction between old and young. Whenever it has to come, it comes. We are helpless against death, and that helplessness has been the very source of all religion.

How many rajneeshees were there?

Bob Mullan, a sociologist from the University of East Anglia, states that “at any one time there were about 6,000 Rajneeshees in Poona, some visiting for weeks or months to do groups or meditations, with about two thousand working and living on a permanent basis in and around the ashram.” Lewis F.


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