How many labyrinth comics are there?

How many return to Labyrinth books are there?

Return to Labyrinth
Original run2006 – 2010

How old is the character Sarah in Labyrinth?

Family and responsibility. 16 years old, Sarah is at the start of the film a discontent teenager who resents the babysitting responsibility that her father and stepmother expect her to take for her baby half-brother, Toby.

How old was Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth?

14-year-old actress Jennifer Connelly “won Jim [Henson] over”, and he cast her within a week. Henson states that Connelly was chosen, as she “could act that kind of dawn-twilight time between childhood and womanhood.” Connelly moved to England in February 1985, in advance of the film’s rehearsals, which began in March.

Was David Bowie in Neverending story?

Meanwhile, David Bowie as the thin, white Goblin King Jareth is one of the most iconic, captivating, and memorable characters of the genre.

Is Labyrinth on Disney?

At the time of writing, Labyrinth is not on Disney+. Disney+ mostly focuses on Disney’s own animated films and other works owned and distributed by Disney. The current monthly price for those interested in the streaming platform is $7.99.

How far into Labyrinth is magic dance?

“Magic Dance” is the third track on the Labyrinth soundtrack, released in July 1986 to coincide with the film’s U.S. premiere. In 1987 the song was released on 12″ in limited markets, including the US.

Who played the baby in the labyrinth?

The Labyrinth baby was played by Toby Froud, and 35 years later, his adult career isn’t very far removed from his first role. Read on to find out more about Froud’s life now and how he was cast in the cult classic. RELATED: The Little Girl From Aliens Quit Acting 35 Years Ago.

Did David Bowie have a relationship with Jennifer Connelly?

The iconic singers were known for having a close relationship and Tina, now 78, previously revealed that David told her he loved her back in 2004. She said: “I saw him, he was performing some place in Brussels and I went to see him.

Is Labyrinth a romance?

Film audiences will remember the masked ball part of Sarah’s labyrinth fantasy, a hallucinatory scene that plays out in the feature as romantic yet sinister, but which is made explicitly sexual in the book.

Did Jim Henson work on the labyrinth?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop – Jim Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990) was an American puppeteer and film-maker, best known as the creator of the Muppets. Henson directed Labyrinth, and made significant contributions at every stage of the film’s development.


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