How many pages is Darkness at Noon?

Is Darkness at Noon worth reading?

“Darkness at Noon” is a very thought-provoking book; it poses many questions on both the personal and the political level. The reader can sense Koestler’s sense of betrayal by and his disappointment with the Soviet Union under Stalin and also his disgust with what Stalinism did to individual human beings.

What does the title Darkness at Noon mean?

When the publisher objected to Koestler’s original title, it was Hardy who, unable to contact Koestler, decided on calling it “Darkness at Noon.” The phrase was an allusion to Job 5:14: “They meet with darkness in the daytime, and grope in the noonday as in the night”—a description of both the moral conundrums facing

What happens to Rubashov?

Rubashov stalled but ultimately did betray her, and she was executed.

What according to rubashov is the substance of history?

The First Hearing: 14 Quotes – “But we had descended into the depths, into the formless, anonymous masses, which at all times constituted the substance of history; and we were the first to discover her laws of motion.

Who wrote Darkness at Noon?

Arthur Koestler


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