How many pages is Push by Sapphire?

Pages177 (story until 140, then class book)

How many pages are in the Push?

Publication date:01/04/2022
Sales rank:6,087
Product dimensions:5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

Is the book The Push scary?

A tense and unsettling thriller that’s immersive, chilling, and provocative. A book that’s best read in one sitting.” “Utterly mesmerising. Ashley Audrain’s powerful debut novel explores the challenges of motherhood and the terrifying isolation of being trapped within a sinister truth that no one else believes.”

Is the push a Good book Club book?

The Push … is a buzzy debut novel that packs quite a few punches. With shades of We Need to Talk About Kevin, … this GMA Book Club pick for January is a compulsively readable novel.” “This is a sterling addition to the burgeoning canon of bad-seed suspense, from an arrestingly original new voice.”

Is there a second book to the push?

The Kid, Sapphire’s sequel to Push, the novel on which the movie Precious was based, is a grueling book. The difficulty comes largely because its protagonist, Precious’ son Abdul, is a young man who’s hard to relate to. Frankly, Abdul is psychotic.

Is the push real?

The Push is real, but it’s important to remember that what is on the screen is Brown’s version of reality. Hopefully, each contestant put through the ringer has their own reality as well.

Is push a book?

Push was named by the Village Voice and Time Out New York as one of the top ten books of 1996. Push was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work of Fiction.

Who is Cecilia in the book the push?

The woman talking in Ashley Audrain’s scorching novel The Push (Pamela Dorman Books) is Blythe Connor’s mother, Cecilia. Cecilia’s mother, Etta, hung herself at the age of thirty-two. Cecilia herself left the family when Blythe was only eleven. “I don’t want you learning to be like me,” she told Blythe.

Is Precious a true story?

“The level of abuse I suffered is not nearly as extreme as in the book, and there is no character in the story, not even the teacher, who is based on me.” Rather, Precious is a composite character, she says, created from the real-life stories she encountered while teaching for seven years, from 1987 to 1993, in an

What did Precious mom make her do?

Precious then reveals that her father impregnated her twice. She also reveals that she delivered Mongo while lying on the floor as Mary was kicking her on the head. There are also implications that Mary herself had molested Precious. The alternative school is having a good effect on Precious.

Who is Precious in real life?

Gabourey Sidibe
Sidibe in 2014
BornMay 6, 1983 Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.
Other namesGabby Sidibe
Alma materManhattan Community College

Is Push based on a comic book?

Comic. Wildstorm, an imprint of DC Comics, published a comic book mini-series that acts as a prequel to the film. It was written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman (who wrote The Highwaymen for Wildstorm) and Bruno Redondo supplied the art.

When did Precious come out?

November 6, 2009 (USA)

Is there a sequel to the Push book by Ashley Audrain?

When it comes to writing, Audrain said she had never planned for a sequel. She is in the process of finishing a second novel called, The Whispers. Audrain said that story examines notions of female friendship in adulthood. No release date has been set for the book.


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