How many pages is the book The Push?

What is wrong with violet in The Push?

“The Push” Book Ending Explained – Just when it seems Blythe has caused the downfall of the family, Gemma calls Blythe and informs her that something happened to Jet, implying that Violet has caused him harm. Thus, it appears Violet really may be a psychopath and Blythe, vindicated.

How does the novel Push end?

The book ends by implying that Gemma suspects Violet has now harmed Jet. Blythe and Fox Connor are a couple who meet in college and get married at 25. Soon, they have their first child, a girl named Violet.

Does The Push have a happy ending?

“The Push” Book Ending Explained – After Blythe and Fox divorce, he gets custody of Violet and moves in with his girlfriend, Gemma, with whom he has a son named Jet. Blythe’s relationship with Violet remains strained and eventually, Blythe loses visitation rights.

What is the story of the push?

The Push, which is a debut novel is a psychological thriller that tells the story of three generations of women who have been abused and are passing on their traumas through these generations.

Is the push a debut novel?

In the opening pages of her debut novel, “The Push,” Ashley Audrain indelibly implants her narrator in the reader’s mind as the woman sits in her car, watching a happy family at Christmastime.

What is the theme of the push?

The Push Overview – The novel challenges the reader’s expectations of American mothers by questioning Blythe’s reliability until the very end. The Push deals with themes such as expectations of motherhood, female identity, generational abuse and trauma, loss, and a mother’s responsibility.

Who are the characters in the novel the push?

Is Ashley Audrain writing a sequel to The Push?

When it comes to writing, Audrain said she had never planned for a sequel. She is in the process of finishing a second novel called, The Whispers. Audrain said that story examines notions of female friendship in adulthood. No release date has been set for the book.


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