How many volumes does a husky and his white cat shizun have?

It was released in ten volumes, one volume per month.

How many chapters of 2ha are there?

Wanning of the Night Sky — So Hi! I was wondering 2ha book 1 has 97 chapters,

Who is Hua Binan?

Hua Binan was the son of a Butterfly-Boned Beauty mother, Hua Gui, and the late leader of Tianyin Pavilion. Mu Yanli was his older paternal half-sister. His mother used to be held captured at the Guyueye Sect before she made an escape .

Is husky and his white cat shizun worth reading?

It’s a beast of a thing to get through but it’s well worth reading if you like noncon, explorations of toxic codependency or angsty drama and ill-fated relationships. This is a star crossed lovers story with a side of Master/slave kink and I really really love it’s characters and ideas.

What is the plot of the husky and his white cat shizun?

The novel tells a story about Mo Ran who is reborn and transmigrated to the year when he first became a disciple of Chu Wanning.

Why is the husky and his white cat shizun called 2ha?

2ha is a Chinese novel, its title is 二哈和他的白貓師尊 in Chinese. A literal translation would be ‘The Adorably Dumb Husky and His White Cat Shizun’, but it’s called ‘Husky and His White Cat Shizun’ on NU, it seems. It’s called 2ha because 二 is Chinese for 2 and 哈 is read ‘ha’. 二哈 means ‘silly but cute husky’ lololol.

How long should my chapters be?

There are no rules when it comes to chapter length. The important thing is to concentrate on making your chapters fit your story, not on making your story fit your chapters. Many novelists these days prefer chapters that are between 1,500 words—or six book pages— and 8,000 words, or 32 book pages.


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[Vtuber]2HA/Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun Danmei …

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