How old is author Francine Rivers?

Where was Francine Rivers born?

United States

When did Francine Rivers start writing?

Rivers began her writing career in the general market back in 1977. After coming to faith a few years later, Rivers moved to writing in the Christian market by 1991 where she had much greater success.

Who is Francine Rivers publisher?

First edition
AuthorFrancine Rivers
PublisherBantam (first edition) Multnomah Publishers (since 1997)
Publication date1991
Media typePrint

Is Redeeming Love based on a true story?

“Redeeming Love” is based on a best-selling novel by Francine Rivers, set during the California Gold Rush and inspired by the Biblical story of Hosea, a prophet, who married Gomer, an unfaithful woman.

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What is the lady’s mine about?

In Francine Rivers’s delightful novel The Lady’s Mine, an exiled Boston brahmin claims her uncle’s property in a “wild and woolly” mining town, flourishing against expectations. Kathryn, whose rift with her stepfather propelled her westward to Calvada, is an enterprising young woman with a strained family history.


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