How old was Amy Tan when she wrote The Joy Luck Club?

Recently, 36-year-old Chinese-American Amy Tan said a story to a group of listeners about how she came to chronicle the mothers and daughters of The Joy Luck Club, published by Putnam on March 22.

When did Amy Tan write The Joy Luck Club?

First edition
AuthorAmy Tan
PublisherG. P. Putnam’s Sons
Publication date1989

What real life event inspired Amy Tan write The Joy Luck Club?

During this period, Amy Tan learned about her mother’s former marriage to another man in China, of their four children, and how her mother left her children from her previous marriage behind in Shanghai. This incident was the basis for Tan’s first novel The Joy Luck Club.

How old is writer Amy Tan?

70 years (February 19, 1952)

How does Amy Tan write?

Just like most writers, Tan admits that parts of her personality show up in the characters she creates. She says readers of The Joy Luck Club often suspect Tan wrote herself into the story as a single character (a woman named Jing-mei), but she says, “The truth is that every character has a bit of me.”

What inspired Amy Tan to write?

Tan grew up with a dad who was an ordained Baptist Minister and a mother who told her gory stories, which she said inspired her when she wrote. In her childhood, she would read the Bible and loved the more grotesque parts of the stories, like when David killed Goliath.

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