In what order should I read the Cousins War series?

The Cousins’ War Series – Currently, the chronological order that these books should be read in is: The Lady of the Rivers The White Queen The Red Queen The Kingmaker’s Daughter… Philippa Gregory presents another installment in her bestselling series set amid the deadly feuds in England known as the Wars of the Roses.

What order is The White Queen series?

The series started with The White Queen, followed by The White Princess, and the first season of The Spanish Princess. These shows on STARZ are full of royal intrigue, coups, backstabbing, affairs, and ruthless machinations.

Is The Spanish Princess connected to The White Princess?

The Spanish Princess is itself a spinoff of two previous Starz miniseries, The White Queen and The White Princess—all three of them based on the books of historical fiction author Philippa Gregory.

Who is The White Queen in real life?

Elizabeth Woodville
Portrait of Elizabeth Woodville
Queen consort of England
Tenure1 May 1464 – 3 October 1470
Coronation26 May 1465 Westminster Abbey

Why was Elizabeth Woodville called The White Queen?

As the wife of Edward of York, Elizabeth Woodville was given the unofficial title of the ‘White’ Queen, which is how she is remembered today. It was a name bestowed upon her during the British civil war of the 1400s, known as ‘The Wars of the Roses’ — a white rose was the symbol of the house of York.

Is White Princess historically accurate?

Insofar as it depicts the struggle for power between the Houses of York and Lancaster, and King Henry VII’s tenuous grip on the kingdom after his marriage to Elizabeth, The White Princess is historically accurate. It also takes some creative liberties, however.

What is after The White Queen?

After The White Queen and The White Princess, the third installment will be called The Spanish Princess and, like the others, is based on Gregory’s global best-sellers The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse.


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Chronological order of The Cousins’ War books


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