Is Anya’s Ghost a movie?

Anya’s Ghost is an American horror comedy film dirercted by Dan Mazer. The movie is said to be based on the graphic novel by Vera Brosgol.

Is Anya’s Ghost a series?

Anya’s Ghost is a coming-of-age ghost story in graphic novel format. The first book by cartoonist Vera Brosgol, Anya’s Ghost was published on June 7, 2011.

What is the plot of Anya’s Ghost?

Anya’s Ghost tells the story of a teenage outsider who blames her Russian immigrant family and friends for her failure to fit in with the crowd at her snobby private school.

What is the author’s message in Anya’s Ghost?

I thought the art was perfect for the sort of comic Anya’s Ghost is. At it’s heart, I interpreted the main theme of Anya’s Ghost as identity. Anya must make a choice between tradition and assimilation. We see this in what she chooses to eat for breakfast, in her choice to go to church or not, in her choice of friends.

When was Anyas ghost published?

About the Author – Her first graphic novel, Anya’s Ghost, was published in 2011 by First Second. Her picture book Leave Me Alone! was a 2017 Caldecott Honor book. She was a storyboard artist at Laika Inc.


“Anya’s Ghost” (Graphic Novel Dub) – Part 7

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Anya’s Ghost

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