Is Apeirogon fiction or nonfiction?

Apeirogon is named, we learn, “for a shape with a countably infinite number of sides”, which is certainly a good title for a book that eludes easy categorisation (and for one that explores the furiously intractable Israel-Palestine conflict). It is a hybrid work, neither exactly fact nor fiction.

Why is Apeirogon a novel?

An apeirogon is a polygon with an infinite yet countable number of sides. This novel, divided into 1,001 fragmentary chapters — a number alluding to “The Thousand and One Arabian Nights” — reflects the infinite complications that underlie the girls’ deaths, and the unending grief that follows.

Is the book apeirogon a true story?

Colum McCann’s new novel, “Apeirogon,” is based on an uplifting true story. It’s about two fathers — Rami Elhanan, an Israeli, and Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian — who each lost a young daughter to senseless violence.

Is an Apeirogon a circle?

Classical constructive definition – A regular apeirogon can be defined as a partition of the Euclidean line E1 into infinitely many equal-length segments, generalizing the regular n-gon, which can be defined as a partition of the circle S1 into finitely many equal-length segments.

How long is a Apeirogon?

Apeirogon is structured as 1,001 individual chapters, some as short as a sentence, some comprising Sebald-like photographs, some merely blank spaces (a reflection of one of the mathematical theorems that underlie the novel).

Where does Apeirogon take place?

Colum McCann’s latest novel mystifies the colonisation of Palestine as a ‘complicated conflict’ between two equal sides.

What does the title Apeirogon mean?

apeirogon (plural apeirogons) (mathematics, geometry) A polygon having an infinite number of sides and vertices.

How do you pronounce apeirogon?

Apeirogon Meaning


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