Is Beartown a good book club book?

Beartown by Fredrik Backman is always one of my top book recommendations for book clubs. It’s appealing to a variety of readers and features intense subjects that are perfect for book club discussions.

What is the message of Beartown?

Beartown is filled with stories of parents and children—stories of love, loss, disappointment, and failure. Even parents’ best intentions for their children can end up causing harm, both to their children and to others.

Who is the main character in Beartown?

Kevin Erdahl. Kevin is 17 years old and the best player on the Beartown junior team. The following year, he will either be on the A-team or will be drafted into the NHL.

Is there a sequel to Beartown?

Us Against You was my most anticipated read of the year, it is the sequel to Beartown (also published as The Scandal).

Who is Ramona in Beartown?

Elderly Ramona runs the Bearskin pub in Beartown and is a beloved local character. Ramona drinks heavily, especially since the death of her husband, Holger, more than ten years ago; she has barely left the pub since.

What is the plot of Beartown?

Beartown is a 2017 novel by Fredrik Backman. It is set in the eponymous town and focuses on the local junior hockey team. Set against the backdrop of a depressed town that is obsessed with the sport, it examines themes of parental control, the cost of keeping secrets, loyalty, family, and regret.

Does Maya get raped in Beartown?

Maya loves her parents and often feels responsible for protecting them, having grown up in the shadow of her older brother Isak’s death. Maya has a crush on Kevin Erdahl. However, at the Bears’ victory party, Kevin rapes Maya.

Who raped Maya in Beartown?

Kevin Erdahl – During the middle of the party they go upstairs to his bedroom and he rapes her. Maya realizes that she needs to tell the police so nobody else will go through what she did. One night Maya gets a shotgun and holds it to Kevin’s forehead. In the end she lets him live.

Is Beartown based on a true story?

Sexual assault is a documented problem within sports leagues, and though Beartown is a fictional story, Backman wanted to portray those experiences authentically. As preparation, he talked with survivors of assault and abuse in those types of environments.

Is Beartown violent?

Common Sense says. Language, sexual violence in grim, beautiful Swedish series.

What is the third book in the Beartown trilogy?

The Winners (Beartown #3) by Fredrik Backman.

Did Fredrik Backman play hockey?

And that’s likely because hockey has always had that kind of impact on Backman. He never played, but that small detail has never dulled his passion for and interest in the game. He recalls watching his first hockey game, a contest between two Stockholm teams, when he was 5 or 6 years old.


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