Is Carrie a classic book?

Parents need to know that Stephen King’s Carrie is a classic novel of the supernatural, about a troubled teen with telekinetic powers who takes revenge on those who’ve bullied her. Carrie White is humiliated when she gets her first period in a high school shower, and the other girls throw tampons at her.

Can a 13 year old read Carrie?

But overall Carrie is perfect for teens into King’s work, and is a must read for anyone 14+.

Is the shining book Inappropriate?

My rating: 13+ for strong horror and violence, nudity, strong language.

What age group is the book Carrie for?

It is appropriate. I read it at 13. It’s pretty mild for horror. It’s true that a lot of the horror does come from religion.

Can a 14 year old watch Carrie?

Great movie, for older kids – Honestly a great movie, but, it has a sex seen in less than 40 minutes and doesn’t have a lot of violence but when it does it’s disturbing. A mother (Carrie’s mom) physically and mentally abuses her daughter. In the beginning of the movie Carrie gets her period and is teased.

Is Misery appropriate for a 13 year old?

Hilarious thriller film of all time, this will suggested PG-13 rated. Misery was such a great film to let your kids watch it, but although that movie contains strong violence which is not suitable for children, but they say that is for 13+ from parents and kids reviews.

Can a 13 year old watch The Green Mile?

Not for kids/teens. This is a good movie but DEFINITELY NOT FOR TEENS! The gratuitous sexual language and violence is over the top. The torture scene will stay with you for a long time and is terrifying.

Is Carrie a horror classic?

Box office$33.8 million (United States and Canada)

Why is Carrie so iconic?

Carrie is one of the best horror novels that portray many elements of Popular Culture and it also captivates the reader s attention. Carrie is guaranteed to scare every person who reads it and at the same time entertain them with the scary story of the misunderstood girl that everybody must know during high school.

Is Carrie the book better than the movie?

Carrie is definitely portrayed as more powerful in the book than she is in the movie. When Carrie goes on a rampage at the prom in the book, she ends up wiping out most of the town while in the film, the damage she does is limited to the high school.

What color is Carrie’s prom dress?

Made by Carrie out of crushed red velvet, her prom dress has a princess waistline, Juliette sleeves, and a simple skirt. Still, Peirce’s movie does have a nod to this dress in Sue’s unworn prom gown, which is a bright blood red.

Was Sue in on the prank in Carrie?

In the novel, Sue participated in the prank, though it was Christine Hargensen that started it all. She only partially participated and was disgusted, when she realized, that Carrie did not know about having a period.


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