Is Crime and Punishment a good book?

Verdict: Crime and Punishment remains a timeless masterpiece because of its ability to still shock and disturb.It is also a very gripping story,with many dramatic events taking place at the same time.

Is Crime and Punishment a boring book?

This is literally one of the worst books I have ever almost read. Never have I ever been so insulted by any book. I would never recommend this book to any one ever in my life. This book made me dread reading it (had to read it for class) and now I am just reading the summary because it is so boring.”

What age group should read Crime and Punishment?

Interest LevelGrade 7 – Grade 12
Reading LevelGrade 7
GenreFiction, Young Adult
PublisherLerner Publishing Group
BrandFirst Avenue Classics

Is Crime and Punishment a tough read?

Thoughtdome225 The translation I am reading at the moment is David McDuff, and this is a very easy read, 99% of the time reading almost like a modern novel (although there is one scene where a character rambles on about fashion for a page like Patrick Bateman). Overall, though, not difficult at all.

What do you learn from Crime and Punishment?

Alienation is the primary theme of Crime and Punishment. At first, Raskolnikov’s pride separates him from society. He sees himself as superior to all other people and so cannot relate to anyone. Within his personal philosophy, he sees other people as tools and uses them for his own ends.



Crime And Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky) – Book Review

Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky.

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