Is Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture the same?

The 3 ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’ movies were based on the first book of the same name in the ‘Gabriel’s’ book series written by Sylvain Reynard, while all 3 parts of ‘Gabriel’s Rapture’ are based on the second book of the series.

Is Gabriel’s Inferno before Gabriel’s Rapture?

The second book in the series, Gabriel’s Rapture, was released alongside Gabriel’s Inferno on 4 September 2012. A third entry in the series, Gabriel’s Redemption was released on 3 December 2013.

In what order is Gabriel’s Inferno?

Reynard is the New York Times bestselling author of Gabriel’s Inferno, Gabriel’s Rapture, Gabriel’s Redemption, Gabriel’s Promise, The Raven, and The Shadow.…

Will there be a Gabriel’s Rapture?

Gabriel’s Rapture star Giulio Berruti is widely known among fans as “Spoilerman”, but the tables have turned as Passionflix CEO Tosca Musk reveals the release date of the conclusion to the Rapture trilogy. Gabriel’s Rapture Part Three is coming August 12, 2022.

Will there be a Gabriels Rapture Part 2?

Dear Everyone, “Gabriel’s Rapture- Part 2” has been released on Passionflix. You can subscribe to their streaming video service, and if you use code GRAPTURE2, you’ll receive a discount.

What comes after Gabriel’s Rapture?

The first three parts (“Gabriel’s Inferno” I, II, and III) were released in 2020; the next two installments (“Gabriel’s Rapture”, Part One and Part Two) in 2021 and 2022.


Gabriel’s Rapture Part III – Official Teaser (PASSIONFLIX)

Gabriel’s Rapture Part II – Official Teaser (PASSIONFLIX)

Gabriel’s Rapture Part II – Official Trailer (PASSIONFLIX)

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