Is Jane Eyre a boring book?

Jane Eyre was boring and unbelievable. I did enjoy the first half of the book because I had such hope for her, but then it just became dull and unrealistic. I never bought the romance between Jane and Mr.

Is Jane Eyre an interesting book?

Jane Eyre is one of those classics that feels intimate and mesmerizing. Jane talks to the reader confiding her innermost thoughts and passions. It’s also one of the few books of it’s era that yields significant power to a female narrator. Jane is no fragile flower to be placed on a pedestal to be admired.

How old is Mr Rochester in the book?

He is ‘pigeon-chested’ and he is around middle-age, 35 years or so. He has a shaggy ‘mane’ of black hair. After the fire at Thornfield, he loses a hand and his sight, (which is only returned after he marries Jane). In the novel, he is often compared to a wild beast or bird.

Is Jane Eyre a good book Reddit?

Despite the frequent ideological questions surrounding the work, Jane Eyre is a romance novel at its heart, and that means its appeal is universal. It’s a must read for any person with even a passing interest in literature, and simply one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever written.


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