Is Kindle County a real place?

Turow was born in Chicago and has lived in and around the city for most of his life. His birthplace is the blueprint for Kindle County, home to a fictional metropolis plagued by crime and foul weather where all but four of his books are set.

Is Kindle County real?

The Kindle County legal thrillers are set in a fictional Illinois county that is based on Cook County (Chicago).

Who is Scott Turow’s agent?

“Scott is insanely thoughtful and considerate of other people,” says Turow’s longtime literary agent, the charmingly fast-talking Gail Hochman of Brandt & Hochman.

What city is presumed innocent set in?

Presumed Innocent
StarringHarrison Ford Brian Dennehy Raul Julia Bonnie Bedelia Paul Winfield Greta Scacchi
CinematographyGordon Willis
Edited byEvan A. Lottman

Who was killer in Presumed Innocent?

The killer in Scott Turow’s 1987 novel Presumed Innocent is Rusty’s wife Barbara. Barbara killed Carolyn as vengeance for the affair that Carolyn and See full answer below.

Who is the kid in Presumed Innocent?

Presumed Innocent (1990) – Joseph Mazzello as Wendell McGaffney – IMDb.

Is it innocent until proven guilty?

Innocent until proven guilty means that any person accused of a crime or any defendant in a criminal trial is assumed to be innocent until they have been proven guilty. It shifts the burden to the government to prove the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Who killed the wife in the movie innocent?

Written byMike Robe
Screenplay byMike Robe
Directed byMike Robe
StarringAlfred Molina Bill Pullman Marcia Gay Harden

Does Netflix have innocent?

Watch The Innocent | Netflix Official Site.

How did the movie innocent end?

Some thought Matty’s fellow pupil Anna was the culprit after learning her obsession with him, while others were sure that Karen, Sally’s ex-husband’s new fiancee, was the killer. In a surprising twist, it turned out that it was in fact Sally’s ex, Sam, who killed Matty.

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