Is Madeline Miller working on any new books?

Madeline Miller (Circe, The Song of Achilles) recently announced a new book she’s working on based on the Greek mythological tale of Persephone. Here’s what we know about it so far!

What book is Madeline Miller writing next?

Madeline Miller said she’s writing a retelling of The Tempest by William Shakespeare in an interview. Madeline Miller is the author of The Song of Achilles and Circe. She was a Greek and Latin teacher and at that time wrote her debut The Song of Achilles.

What books does Madeline Miller recommend?

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Is there a sequel to The Song of Achilles?

“The Song of Achilles” is an ancient Greek fiction book that gives the Trojan War a modern twist. I learned “Circe,” was released in April 2018 but I never envisioned a sequel to “The Song of Achilles.” Despite it being labeled as the sequel to “The Song of Achilles,” is a standalone book with its own characters.

Is The Song of Achilles historically accurate?

Miller’s debut novel, a retelling of the life of Achilles through the eyes and voice of his lover Patroclus, is a tour de force of history, mythology, politics, and devotion. Most readers will know the basic storyline, and Miller stays true to the events portrayed in The Iliad while contributing her own insights.

Where does Madeleine Miller Live?

Miller’s novels have been translated into over twenty-five languages, and her essays have appeared in a number of publications including the Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Telegraph, Lapham’s Quarterly, and She currently lives outside Philadelphia.

How old is Patroclus in the Iliad?

12 Years Old – Patroclus spends several months with Achilles as his therapon, and he finds happiness with him.

Who is Circe in The Odyssey?

Circe is a nymph, daughter of the sun god Helios, banished to the island of Aiaia for using magic to turn a romantic rival into the monster Scylla. Alone, she begins to hone her craft.


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