Is sci-fi still popular?

Science fiction has exploded since the year 2000 and particularly in the last ten years. According to, 11 of the 20 top domestic grossing movies of the 2010s were science fiction, with a sci-fi movie being the top grossing film four out of the last five years.

Is science fiction still popular today?

One thing is clear, however, and that’s that in the 21st century, science fiction sells and it’s more popular and more accepted than ever. A lot of this has to do with advances in special effects that allow new worlds and technologies to come to life in ways previously not possible on screen.

Why sci-fi is so popular?

Science fiction gained popularity in the 1950s because developments in technology, such as nuclear energy and space exploration, coupled with the end of World War II, ignited the public’s imagination surrounding ideas of space, dystopia, alternate futures, and militarization.

Is sci-fi fantasy popular?

Fantasy has more mainstream popularity than sci-fi because there’s more emphasis on character and story. The title says it all. This subreddit, goodreads, and other forums all love talking about fantasy, whether classics like Lord of the Rings or modern stuff like Stormlight Archive and Lightbringer.

Is there a market for science fantasy?

Asimov’s Science Fiction – Asimov’s is an established market for science fiction stories, that has been around since 1977. It is released six times per year as a 208-page double issue and is available in print and digital formats.

How many science fiction books are sold each year?

Adult FictionScience Fiction

Is sci-fi dead?

Despite the normalisation of the tech that previously fuelled the genre, sci-fi is far from dead. The success of Marvel and DC movies show that to inspire watchers sci-fi needs to get creative with tech and take it out of this world.

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