Is Snowpiercer a good book?

Snowpiercer is the enthralling and thought-provoking post-apocalyptic graphic novel that inspired the critically acclaimed movie starring Chris Evans (Captain America, Fantastic Four). Originally published in French, this marks the first time that Snowpiercer will be available in English.

Is Snowpiercer like the book?

So Snowpiercer was a comic book first? Yes. The original story was published as a graphic novel in 1982 called Le Transperceneige, created by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette.

Is Snowpiercer dystopian?

“Snowpiercer” is an imaginative and darkly engaging futuristic dystopian thriller about class struggle with an intriguing and compelling train of thought.

Is Snowpiercer series same as movie?

The 2013 film Snowpiercer and 2020 TV show of the same name are based on the same French graphic novel, but have many key differences. In 1982, a French graphic novel created by Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette, and Benjamin Legrand entitled Les Transperceneige was released.

Is Snowpiercer series connected to movie?

The 2013 film pulls inspiration from only the first novel, now titled “Snowpiercer: The Escape.” And though the TNT series was jointly influenced by Bong’s film and the original source material, its continuity is completely different from either.

How big is the Snowpiercer?

Its track length is 318,000 km, much more than the circumference of the Earth, as it travels across every continent, originally conceived as a tourist train that would visit hundreds of cities around the world.

What makes Snowpiercer so good?

Snowpiercer works on some levels and is wanting in others. The action sequences are thrilling and the production design of suggesting space in what is essentially a long, narrow metal tube is clever. The colours are rich and warm in first class and get progressively darker and duller as we move down the train.

How scary is Snowpiercer?

Parents need to know that Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie with frequent brutal fighting and violence: There’s shooting, spurting blood, guns, knives, axes, and a scene of torture in which a character’s arm is frozen and shattered. The body count is very high and includes important/key characters.

Is Snowpiercer a success?

The Snowpiercer series has been successful thus far but will be ending after the upcoming fourth season. Fans of the show are rightfully upset with this, but the series was given the space to work with the story and the character development that the show required.

What can we learn from Snowpiercer?

More than anything, however, the film has an even more radical underlying message: The only way to fix social inequality is to destroy the very foundations of our society. Not only do most of the train’s inhabitants die from fighting before the avalanche occurs, the train itself is already on its way out.

Is Snowpiercer popular?

Popular on Variety – The show’s premiere was the largest debut for a TNT show since “The Alienist” in 2018. According to TNT, “Snowpiercer” has reached more than 30 million viewers to date across all its linear and digital platforms.

Is Snowpiercer dark?

It’s a dark, funny, violent, furious film, blessed by the clarity of its geography. The good guys are at the back, the villains are at the front and nobody can go outside.


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