Is the Anita Blake series over?

There’s no end planned.” Hamilton told I Smell Sheep that she plans to be writing Anita Blake books for a while: “I’d always seen the Anita Blake series as a mystery series which means there’s no end planned. I’ll keep writing the books as long as the readers and I are enjoying ourselves.”

Is there going to be another Anita Blake book?

Right now, Hamilton is working on her next Anita Blake novel, due out next year. Following it will be another book featuring Zaniel, expected in 2023.

Do you have to read the Anita Blake series in order?

While each book contains its own overarching story and can be read as a standalone, the best way to read the Anita Blake series in order is in following the order of publication.

In what book does Anita sleep with Jean-Claude?

The Killing Dance‘ – Speaking of unforgettable, my scene of choice for aptly-named The Killing Dance is the climactic sex scene, long-awaited between Anita and Jean-Claude.

Does Anita Blake sleep with Olaf?

Despite being his usual creepy self and Edward still being on his way, Olaf surprises everyone by trying very hard to navigate the road into a consensual sexual relationship with Anita.

Do Anita and Richard break up?

Anita breaks up with Richard again. Malcom blood-oaths to Anita and Jean-Claude, and with him all the members of the Church of Eternal Life. Anita is infected with weretiger lycanthropy.

Who is Laurell K Hamilton married to?

Jonathon D. Green


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