Is The Idiot worth reading?

Imo, it is one of Dostoevsky’s weaker books in terms of writing style and in the character writing of some of the characters, but it is ultimately a fnatastic novel. The characters of Myshkin, Nastasya, Rozoghin and Ippolot stood out especially.

Should I read The Idiot or Crime and Punishment first?

I would agree with Crime and Punishment for starters, to me it was very accessible, I however didn’t take that advice; my first read was “The Idiot”, loved that book! I had also read “Notes from the Underground” before C&P but if I had to do it all over again, I would start with C&P. I recommend Crime and Punishment.

Why is Dostoevsky the best?

Fyodor Dostoyevsky is well and truly one of Russia’s most influential writers. The many hardships of his life found reflection in his work, helping him to create memorable characters that together form a detailed image of 19th-century Russia.

Why is Dostoevsky important?

Dostoyevsky is usually regarded as one of the finest novelists who ever lived. Literary modernism, existentialism, and various schools of psychology, theology, and literary criticism have been profoundly shaped by his ideas.

Is Crime and Punishment good for beginners?

Tanvi yes this book is much easier to read than many other classic fictions. I agree its good to start with. Jimena Morle No, it´s not so difficult, but try to read it everyday.

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