Is The Secret Garden an adult book?

The Secret Garden: A Classic Novel For Young And Adult: Burnett, Frances Hodgson: 9798404531442: Books.

What age group is The Secret Garden book for?

The Secret Garden: For Ages 8 and Up (Award Essential Classics): Frances Hodgson Burnett: 9781841358376: Books – Amazon.

Can a 14 year old read The Secret Garden?

It does not have any swearing, violence, or drinking and okay for young readers. I think that it is good for young girls but not for boys and that they can get bored with it. I had to read this book in 7th grade and think that we were a little to old for it and we could not relate to it.

Is The Secret Garden scary?

Maybe having the place to ourselves made the new film adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book, The Secret Garden seem all the more spooky but for a kids’ story, it really oozed a horror vibe. It probably doesn’t help that it’s set in a haunted house under the guise of a Yorkshire estate.

Is The Secret Garden boring?

It was probably the most boring a slow movie we’ve ever watched as a family. I would not recommend it other than for the beautiful scenery and quality of the pictures.

Is the Secret Garden a sad book?

Sad and lonely, her only interest lies in a secret garden, abandoned after a tragic accident. With the help of Dickon, a local country boy, and Colin, her guardian’s invalid son, Mary’s spirit is reawakened as they bring the garden back to life. Now Mary will discover that miracles can happen, and that magic is real.

Can a 12 year old read The Secret Garden?

This book can be read by anyone over 9, advanced readers at around 7 or 8. The Secret Garden is about a particularly arrogant and unpleasant girl called Mary Lennox.

Is The Secret Garden appropriate for 9 year old?

In this version, the garden is more magical than secret. Mary’s mother and aunt appear there in supernatural form to help and guide Mary. They also sometimes guide Uncle Archibald. The movie is well acted by an outstanding cast, but its themes and content make it unsuitable for children under 8 years.

What age is appropriate for reading Anne of Green Gables?

Perfect for ages 9-14 and lovers of classic books. From unwanted orphan to beloved wife and mother, the Anne of Green Gables series is the complete journey of 11-year-old Anne through a life even she never dreamed of.

What age group is Black Beauty for?

Black Beauty will be best for kids 10 and up, with the tween and early teen years as the sweet spot.

How long does it take to read The Secret Garden?

The average reader will spend 4 hours and 48 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What grade should I read The Secret Garden?

According to the ATOS readability formula, The Secret Garden is most appropriate for 4th or 5th-grade students.

What ar level is The Secret Garden?

ATOS Book Level:3.6
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:1.0
Word Count:8166

What reading level is a little princess?

Interest LevelGrade 3 – Grade 8
Reading LevelGrade 7
PublisherLerner Publishing Group
BrandFirst Avenue Classics

What is the The Secret Garden about?

An orphaned girl discovers a magical garden hidden at her strict uncle’s estate. Mary Lennox is a spoiled 10-year-old girl of rich parents who grew up in India. After her parents die from cholera, Mary is sent to live in Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire with her uncle Archibald Craven and the housekeeper Mrs. Medlock.

How many pages is The Secret Garden?

Front cover of the US edition
AuthorFrances Hodgson Burnett
Publication date1911 (UK & US)
Pages375 (UK & US)
LC ClassPZ7.B934 Se 1911


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