Is The Song of Achilles a sad book?

Beautifully heartbreaking and tragic, Madeline Miller’s first novel The Song of Achilles is a brilliant telling of a mythical friendship. The book doesn’t merely retell Homer’s Iliad.

Is The Song of Achilles a sad ending?

It’s a fantastically written look at the story of Achilles, told through the eyes of Patroclus that has an exciting and emotional ending.

How many days does it take to read The Song of Achilles?

The average reader will spend 6 hours and 58 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Why is it called Achilles song?

The title is also a reference to the Iliad, which literally means “the song of Troy.” I saw my story as Patroclus’s song to Achilles. *MILLER, Madeline. The Song of Achilles. 378p.

How old should you be to read A Song of Ice and Fire?

I agree it has to do with maturity. I would say 13 but if your child is mature enough at 12 then I say yes, she can read them but it is ultimately up to you. I started reading the series when I was 12.

What age are adult books?

YA novels are ages 12–18, and tackle more mature and adult themes and content. Middle grade novels usually feature protagonists under the age of 13, whereas young adult novels usually feature protagonists within the age range of 12–18.

Did Achilles and Patroclus kiss?

One day while on the beach with Achilles, Patroclus kisses him. Patroclus, filled with shame, watches as Achilles runs away. On his way back to the palace, Patroclus is approached by an enraged Thetis who tells Patroclus that she saw the kiss and that Achilles will be leaving the palace.

Is Song of Achilles a good book?

The bond between the main characters is so tangible and raw. Following their beautifully written story since the beginning makes you care so much. WAY too much! Personally, this book gets a 5/5 stars from me, and perhaps you will feel the same way if you were also truly invested in the characters, just like I was.


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