Is there a sequel to prodigal son by Gregg Hurwitz?

Will there be a sequel to prodigal son by Gregg Hurwitz?

EXCLUSIVE: Gregg Hurwitz’s Next Orphan X Thriller Announced (with Details) On January 26, 2021, Evan Smoak returns to action in Prodigal Son, the next must-read thriller from New York Times bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz.

Does prodigal son have a book?

AuthorDean Koontz
Followed byCity of Night

What book comes after prodigal son?

5Into the FireJan-2020
5.5The List: A NovellaAug-2020
6Prodigal SonJan-2021
7Dark HorseFeb-2022

How many books has Gregg Hurwitz written?

Short Bio: GREGG HURWITZ is the New York Times #1 internationally bestselling author of 23 thrillers including the ORPHAN X series. His novels have won numerous literary awards and have been published in 33 languages.

What is order of Gregg Hurwitz books?

  • Orphan X (2016) 1.5 Buy a Bullet (2016)
  • The Nowhere Man (2017)
  • Hellbent (2017) 3.5 The Intern (2018)
  • Out of the Dark (2019)
  • Into the Fire (2020)
  • Prodigal Son (2021)
  • Dark Horse (2022)
  • The Last Orphan (2023)

How do I read the Luke Stone series?

  1. Any Means Necessary (2015)
  2. Oath of Office (2016)
  3. Situation Room (2016)
  4. Oppose Any Foe (2016)
  5. President Elect (2017)
  6. Our Sacred Honor (2017)
  7. House Divided (2018)


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