Is there another The Outsiders book?

Kirsten There’s no official sequel novel to The Outsiders. However, there is a book by the same author called That Was Then, This is Now is set in the same town and some characters from The Outsiders are featured. There also was a Fox TV series, The Outsiders, in 1990.

Will there be a second book of The Outsiders?

The Outsiders: Book Two Paperback – October 30, 2019.

Is Rumble Fish a sequel to The Outsiders?

Rumble Fish is not the sequel to The Outsiders. S. E. Hinton wrote both books, and both books tell the stories of teenagers who have issues and

Why did The Outsider get Cancelled?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, HBO’s chief content officer Casey Bloys explained that The Outsider was cancelled due to being unable to find a story worth telling that would match the first season. “We try to approach everything as if there’s going to be Season 2.

Is Ponyboy in That Was Then, This Is Now movie?

The character of Ponyboy was taken out of this film for obvious reasons (why would he still be 16 in 1985?), but other Outsiders (most notably Tim Shepard) remained intact without aging a day– effectively destroying any continuity it might have had with the film it was undoubtedly cashing in on.

Is there another version of The Outsiders?

Alternate Versions (3) – The 2005 special edition contains a re-edited cut of the film, a new soundtrack and 22 minutes of additional footage, including: an extended opening scene where Ponyboy is attacked by the Socs when walking home from a Paul Newman movie.

Why are there two versions of The Outsiders?

The original theatrical version released in the early 80s had a runtime of about 90 minutes and remained that way for the next 25 years. 2005 A.D., Coppola released an edited version on DVD that is about 22 min. longer and was supposed to be closer to the original: He called it The Complete Novel.

What’s the difference between The Outsiders and The Outsiders: The Complete Novel?

The remaster, titled “The Outsiders: The Complete Novel,” is designed to allow fans of the original film to see more of the world created in S.E. Hinton’s original novel. It includes new music and several cut scenes which didn’t make the film’s final version.

Which is better The Outsiders book or movie?

The novel of The Outsiders is better than the movie. The novel gives more vivid details than the movie does. Even though the movie shows actual image, the novel lets you have your own image of what’s going on. The movie did not show the part where Ponyboy was getting jump.

Where can I watch the extended version of The Outsiders?

Rent The Outsiders – The Complete Novel Extended Edition (1983) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Which version of The Outsiders is the best?

The Outsiders: The Complete Novel is Coppola’s preferred version of the story, with 22 minutes of additional footage, including a beginning and ending more true to the S.E. Hinton novel on which the film is based.

What was added to The Outsiders: The Complete Novel?

In The Outsiders: The Complete Novel, director Francis Ford Coppola has revisited the epic with an added 22 minutes of footage that includes a beginning and ending more true to the book. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started.

Is that was then this is now a sequel to The Outsiders?

That Was Then This is Now is a sequel and has two similar characters: Randy Anderson and Ponyboy Curtis. They both play a minor role in the book but Rumble Fish isn’t a sequel. Karen Murray No, these books are not sequels. S.E. Hinton will never write a sequel to The Outsiders.

Who did Angela Shepard marry?

Angela Shepard
RelationshipsBryon Douglas (ex-boyfriend) *Ponyboy Curtis (crush)
Portrayed ByJill Schoelen

How did Mark cut off Angela’s hair?

Mark gets someone to buy some rum for them, which Bryon and Angela start drinking. Angela soon passes out on Bryon’s shoulder, and Mark pulls out a pair of scissors and starts cutting off all of her long hair. Bryon still hates Angela, and Curly and doesn’t stop Mark as he cuts off Angela’s hair.

What was worrying Charlie?

What was worrying Charlie? He got his draft notice. How did Mark and Bryon differ in their feelings about change? Mark wasn’t really interested in things and is being lazy and Bryon was and he was going places with Cathy instead of just sitting around.

What happens at the end of the book That Was Then, This Is Now?

At the end of the story, when Bryon finds the drugs Mark has been selling, he realizes that ‘Mark had absolutely no concept of what was right and what was wrong; he didn’t obey any laws, because he couldn’t see that there were any.” Bryon thinks about Cathy, M&M, and the pain her family is going through, and he feels

Why did M&M run away?

At home, M&M feels rejected because his father, Mr. Carlson, makes fun of his long hair and his poor grades in math and gym. As a result, M&M starts to make friends with the hippies in Tulsa and eventually runs away from home, leading Cathy and Bryon to desperately search for him.

Who is the main character in That Was Then, This Is Now?

Bryon is the protagonist of the novel. When the story opens, he’s 16 years old and lives with his mother and his best friend, Mark. Bryon is initially driven by an immature selfishness and a desire to have fun and make money.

Where is S. E. Hinton now?

She resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband David Inhofe, a software engineer, after meeting him in her freshman biology class at college.

What does two bit’s switchblade represent?

Two-Bit’s switchblade is his most prized possession and, in several ways, represents the disregard for authority for which greasers traditionally pride themselves. First of all, the blade is stolen. Second, it represents a sense of the individual power that comes with the potential to commit violence.

Did SE Hinton write a sequel to The Outsiders?

S.E. Hinton will never write a sequel to The Outsiders.

What is the next book after The Outsiders?

First edition cover, 1971
AuthorS.E. Hinton
Preceded byThe Outsiders
Followed byRumble Fish

Who are SOCS in The Outsiders?

The Socs (pronounced ˈsoʊʃɪz / so-shis, short form of Socials) are a group of rich teenagers who live on the west side, or the south side in the movie. They are the rivals to the Greasers, and were described as having ‘money, cars, and futures’, according to Ponyboy Curtis.


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