Is there romance in Piranesi?

If you’re a reader of romance, pick up Piranesi, where you’ll find a new kind of love, between a character and his cherished home. If you love suspense novels, read Piranesi, where the threat of an invisible danger could result in this young man’s death at one wrong turn.

What age is Piranesi appropriate for?

Good for all age categories. This is one of the most cinematic books I have ever read. It is a feat of imagination. Be prepared to expand your mind a little before you start this.

What happens in Piranesi?

Piranesi survives by fishing, gathering seaweed and collecting fresh water from waterfalls. The Other, however, is able to procure things like blankets, shoes, etc. Piranesi also forgets things and loses track of time, but the Other does not.

Is Piranesi about trauma?

But like everything Clarke does, Piranesi is not just one thing. It is also a meditation on chronic illness and how, like trauma, it can colonize your life.

How long is Piranesi?

Piranesi is a more compact book than its predecessor. It clocks in at just over 200 pages, and it doesn’t have any footnotes.

Is Piranesi a boy?

Clarke’s narrator, a young man called Piranesi, isn’t this Italian artist, but he seems to inhabit something like one of those imaginary prisons. Except that, despite some maniacal forces at work here, Piranesi doesn’t feel imprisoned — or even inconvenienced.

Why is Piranesi called Piranesi?

He goes by “Piranesi” because that is the name given to him by the only other person in the House—who is also, so far as he knows, the only other living person in existence.

How does the book Piranesi end?

But Piranesi, in the end, leaves the House and returns to our own world. There, he has an encounter that forms a perfect inverse to his many encounters with the statues of the House, where he saw representations of things he recognized from elsewhere.


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