Is there romance in the kingdom of back?

Because there was no romance in this book. There are mentions of a boy she meets, who writes her two letters.

What genre is The Kingdom of Back?

Fantasy Fiction

Where does The Kingdom of Back take place?

See, The Kingdom of Back takes place in two starkly different settings: the real world of 18th century Europe, and a magical forgotten kingdom sprung entirely from the imaginations of the Mozart siblings.

Is The Kingdom of Back appropriate?

Parents need to know that The Kingdom of Back is a historical fantasy novel by Marie Lu, author of Legend. The book spotlights the supremely talented sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and how she ensures that her name will not be forgotten. There’s no sex, violence, or strong language.

Is there romance in all the stars and teeth?

There is some romance in All the Stars and Teeth, but ultimately I felt that it left me wanting. The romance does resolve. It’s not like she finish it, but there was something about it that just didn’t give me what I wanted.

Is Kingdom of back a standalone?

The Kingdom of Back is her first standalone.

What is the book The Kingdom of Back about?

The Kingdom of Back is a historical retelling, woven through with more than a little touch of fantasy. It tells the story of Nannerl Mozart, a talented musician and composer in her own right – and real life older sister to legendary composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


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