Should I read The Magician’s Nephew first?

The Witch Woman For me, the series is best read as: The Magician’s Nephew; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; and The Last Battle. That means, that you should read “The Magicans Nephew” first.

Is The Magician’s Nephew the first book?

The Magician’s Nephew is a prequel to the series. The middle third of the novel features the creation of the Narnia world by Aslan the lion, centred on a section of a lamp-post brought by accidental observers from London in 1900.

What age is the Magicians Nephew for?

Published in 1955
Age Group: 6 – 12 years
Reading Level:AR : 5.4 (6.0 Points, Quiz #622) GLE : 5.6 F&P/GRL : T DRA : 50 Lexile measure: 790

Is Narnia The Magician’s Nephew a movie?

Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew is an upcoming British-American adventure film that is directed by Peter Jackson and written by Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens and Jackson, based on the Chronicles of Narnia book series by C.S. Lewis.

Do you need to read the Chronicles of Narnia in order?

It all depends on who’s doing the reading. Once you’re a fan of the Narnia series, maybe chronological is the right way to go, but if you’re approaching it for the first time, especially as a young kid, maybe publication order is the better choice.



The Magician’s Nephew chapter 1 by C.S. Lewis …

The Magician’s Nephew – Chapter 1

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